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Chapter 161


A familiar whisper was heard in the dream.

Before the Laura incident happened the other day, a voice whispered to Aria ‘Be careful.’

It was dawn.

Aria suddenly opened her eyes and let out a small groan.

It was because she felt her breath suffocated, crushed by the sudden explosion of energy.

“Ha… uh…”

Aria let out a moan and barely got her body up from the bed.

Her legs were so heavy as if they were submerged in a swamp, making it difficult to even properly balance.

‘What is it’

Even the air seemed to be heavy.

Her hands and feet trembled little by little, and she felt an unfamiliar, intense chill.



A terrible ringing as if it were about to tear her eardrums apart.

It was like the screams of sinners in hell.

Aria reflexively sat down and covered her ears.

In an instant, red blood ran down her nose.

A nosebleed.

‘This feeling is definitely…….’

She had felt it before.

A few years ago, when Grand Duke Valentine was on a rampage.

At that time, she caught a glimpse of God’s malice.

A destructive energy, as if amplified several times, filled the room and overflowed.


Hearing this, she straightened her trembling legs and barely got up.

With the back of her hand, she wiped the nosebleed and slammed the door open.

At the same time, tears flowed.


Aria stretched her hand out into the empty air.

The malicious thoughts that God feels toward humans are so clear that they can be grasped.

‘I wished they died.’

‘Die, please die.’

‘I regret creating human beings.’

‘The race that is infinitely selfish, cunning, arrogant and foolish.’

‘These mere creatures will endlessly challenge my authority and reveal their ugliness.’

‘Annihilate them.’

‘Follow my will, end them.’

Her head was about to explode at the suffocating sounds pouring.

It would have been more convenient to faint like this.

But she ran.

She gathered her power to the limit.

‘Give up, idiot.’

God’s malice fluttering in the air seemed to constantly whisper helplessness, boredom, despair, and pessimism in my ear.

‘What do you think will change if you go’

‘You are arrogant when you’re just a human being trying to go against fate.’

‘Your arrogance will kill everyone.’

Aria quickly wiped away her tears.

She has a gut feeling that the moment she gives up now, everything will be over, so she just runs.

‘Why do I hear the words of God’s malice Why…….’

Aria recalled her memories just before she fell asleep.


It was vivid, seeing him saying that he would inherit God’s malice completely tomorrow with an uncomfortable-looking face.

‘No way.’

The day he inherited all God’s malice from Grand Duke Valentine.

That day is,

‘Valentine’s…… Incident…….’

Her heart felt like it was going to explode with anxiety.

No, it can’t be.

Why is the future that she had prevented so much was being recreated again Lloyd wouldn’t do the self-sacrifice spell now

‘I’m almost there.’

Lloyd and Valentine’s bright future seemed not far away.

‘I believed that all that was left for me to do was to heal my illness and find a way to survive.’

It’s okay if she really can’t change the fate of her dead end.

At least she protected Valentine.

Even if she couldn’t survive, she thought she could close her eyes comfortably…….


Aria covered her mouth and stopped there.

She had no choice but to.

What she had remembered as a terrible nightmare actually happened.

But the red waves flowing like a river were so clear and vivid now.

The long hallway leading to the banquet hall was red in all directions, including walls, ceilings, and floors.

“Ugh, kuhk….”

“Huu-ughk, huk! Huaah!”

Those lying on the floor and not even moving.

Those who have lost parts of their body.

Those who have been completely blown away by being exposed to God’s malice, weeping and crying and begging for forgiveness.

All of them who once laughed and chatted, were kind and affectionate to Aria.

‘Already…… Maybe it’s already too late…….’

She got dizzy.

The worst thing kept running through her mind.

However, Aria felt her mind getting more and more alert as the situation escalated.

‘Let’s do what I can right now.’

She took a deep breath.

Do you know the land where the lemon-trees grow,

in darkened leaves the gold-oranges glow,

And she sang the song of healing with earnestness in her exhaled breath.

A song of miracles that can now be sung naturally as if breathing.

to be there with you, O, my beloved one!

As Aria walked along the hallway, she pushed her energy to the limit with every note, amplifying every sound that resonated with her vocal cords.

Do you know it well

It’s there I’d be gone,

to be there with you, O, my beloved one!

From end to end of the hallway.

Her singing voice resounded like a wave of colors.

The desperate tone resonating in her mouth seemed to gently embrace God’s malice that spread throughout the Grand Duke’s castle.

The song of healing could not revive an extinguished life, but she at least healed all the wounds.

‘I’m glad Gabriel put divine power on the necklace before he left.’

Aria grabbed the necklace from her neck.

At least she won’t faint from treating the wounded.

The divine power contained in the crystal of the necklace had exhausted itself and returned from golden to transparent.

“Grand, Grand Princess!”

An employee, who was groaning at God’s outright malice and muttering nonsense, cried with tears.

Aria asked, taking a rough breath.

“What happened What happened to the others”

“The Grand Prince…”

He couldn’t keep up with his words and pointed towards the banquet hall.

He didn’t even have time to explain properly.

Aria ran straight without delay, and slammed opened the banquet hall door with all her might.

And she helplessly hardened at the shock again.

Beyond the level of just losing his reason, Lloyd seems to have been completely taken over by God’s malice.

And Cloud, Vincent, and Tristan who collapsed near Lloyd with a dangerous breathing sound.

“Ha, there’s nothing done right.

I said to evacuate first…”

Tristan, with his face all red, barely opened his eyes and muttered.

“Anyway, like Vincent, no one listens.

Is it puberty…”

He was still talking.

But his body was so tattered that it was painful to even look at it properly.

It was a miracle he was alive.

‘But he’s alive.’

Aria swallowed the tears that kept trying to burst from inside, and she moved forward.

Lloyd’s eyes met hers.

His eyes, which had barely returned to black, had faded to complete gray.

The same as her previous life.


She muttered his name.

However, Lloyd just pointed his sword at Aria without showing any signs of agitation.

“I know from experience.

That’s no longer human… Cough!”

Tristan coughed in blood.

Aria hurriedly ran and tried to support him.

But instead, he pushed Aria away and spoke firmly.

“It’s the malice that God held, haaa, that wanted to destroy humans.”



I’ll stop it.

Sabina went to ask the shaman for help, so you just have to hold on until then.”

He was still talking nonsense.

Tristan was so wounded that he would die if he got hit one more time.

No matter how strong he was, he was human.

As he said, how can a human body oppose God

‘Please, what can I do…….’

Aria hugged Tristan tightly who kept pushing her away and trying to get up.

At that moment.

There was a song that kept playing in her head.

‘Juan’s memory!’

Aria quickly opened her mouth.

“To you, my…!”

But she couldn’t sing a single verse properly.


It was because she felt terrible pain like her vocal cords burning and getting cut to pieces with a knife.

She felt it instinctively.

In the first place, she doesn’t even have the ability to sing this song, and even if she does, her body can’t stand it.

At that time.


Aria found the shaman running with a white face.

Aria called out his name with all her might.

“Young Madam! I came here to take you to a safe place, but what is this…!”

“I told you! The future I wanted to stop!”

The future she wanted to prevent. A scene from the past flashed through Carlin’s mind.

Without blinking an eye, the bold ten-year-old child said over and over again, ‘I have to change the future.’

“How many times have I told you! The laws of the world can never be broken! Rather, they will strangle you with a greater calamity!”

Carlin cried out as powerful.

This was the result.

Everyone will die.

Lloyd, who has survived alone, will wander and go crazy with a body that cannot die.

She didn’t change anything.

Rather, it will come back with a harsher price as much as she desperately struggles.

Such is the rule of the world.


She had a messed up face.

Exposed to God’s malice, tears flowed down the corners of her eyes, and traces of the nosebleed were still left under her nose.

“I told you, Carlin.”

Aria’s emotions intensified, and she grabbed the shaman’s arm and spoke enthusiastically.

“If the world is wrong, I will change it.”

It was the power of a 14-year-old who would collapse if an adult male pushed her away.

But Carlin could not move as if he was bound tightly.

“If this is the price I’ve come to pay for trying to change the future, I’m going to pay the full price now.”


“So, Carlin.”

Carlin’s eyelids trembled as he took a deep breath, weighed down by God’s malice.

He couldn’t look directly into Aria’s eyes.

Then again, he’ll be out of his mind and do what she wants.

“Pierce the core.”

Right now.

As he knew, it was a useless rebellion.

Because Aria’s words were absolute, making people lose their minds every time.


Carlin, who spat out a curse, finally closed his eyes and pierced Aria’s core.


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