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Chapter 159

The head of Angelo, Martin declared more solemnly than ever.

“I will do my best to be recognized as a harmonious and happy family by my daughter someday.”

As soon as the word ‘daughter’ came out of his mouth, he felt like he was going to be crushed by a murderous feeling from somewhere.

In any case, Martin was eventually forced to return with no result.

‘But the families will be at peace.’

The happiness evangelist, Aria, sent heartfelt condolences to them with such thoughts.


It was not long after the carriage had left.

Winter, who had been hiding somewhere, sighed and appeared.

“I was surprised that they came without a message.”

He murmured as he looked at the road where the carriage had left.

Aria looked pityingly at him, who looked complicated, and said.

“Is it okay to send them off like that without saying goodbye”

Actually, the two Angelo father-and-son didn’t say it, but it seems like they had come to see Winter.

Besides, Winter was the Young Duke who would lead the Angelo family in the future.

“Still, it’s unavoidable.

You’ll have to reveal it someday.”

“I know.

Well, um.

It’s troubling because I am not mentally prepared yet…”

Aria actually understood Winter’s feelings deeply.

That’s why she had no choice but to hide him too.


‘Because the Young Duke had a peculiar condition since that incident.’

He mostly remains in good shape, but occasionally the childish personality pops out.

Without any notice.

Even if Aria used Gabriel’s divine power to fix the condition, she could not fix it at all.

‘That’s why they say that drug side effects are scary.’

After all, even Aria herself had a time limit because of it.

The divine powers may have helped her a little, but it couldn’t completely fix it.

“There must be a way out.”

For both of them.

Aria muttered a promise, and then she patted him on the back.

“So, will the Young Duke continue to be here”

Vincent wrinkled his expression as he looked up and down at Winter in disbelief.

He waited patiently because he thought Winter would go back soon…….

“You’re not really aiming for my place, are you The way you look at your Sister-in-law these days is quite disrespectful.”

“You’re misunderstood.

I’m just expressing love, respect, and favor as a brother.”

“Which brother sees their sister with love, respect and favor”

Just be honest.

Vincent raised his voice.

“The Young Duke is aiming for the position of Sister-in-law’s strategist.”

In the end, Vincent himself is no different, so why is he holding on to it so much

Aria doesn’t even remember asking any of them to be her strategist.

“How long are you going to be doing this non-productive conversation”

Lloyd, who came closer before she knew it, said.

It looked boring, as if he didn’t know how long to watch these fools bicker.

“…Maybe so.”

Winter turned his gaze to Aria, and muttered a small mutter to the fiery Vincent.

“Seeing how you’ve relaxed your way in treating me, it seems that you lack as much confidence.”

“What You have no morals.

Don’t sneak in and compete fairly!”

Hearing that, Vincent threatened it as if he had been reluctant all this time.

It was then.


Suddenly, Winter’s blunt face turned into tears, and tears welled up in the corners of his eyes.

He looked around as if asking for help, then slipped into Aria’s back and hid behind her and burst into tears.

“You yelled at me! I, I don’t want to fight…”


Seeing him whine, Vincent grabbed the back of his neck.

“Wait, the timing is amazing.

You’re not doing that on purpose, are you”

As he was casting his suspicions.

Lloyd, who was holding Aria’s hand with a languid face, grabbed Winter’s back and forcibly pulled him off.


“If you want to hang, hang on me.

Then I can handle it with less pain.”

It means he was going to deal with it anyway.

Feeling threatened with murderous energy, Winter desperately reached out to reach Aria and asked for help.

Aria was troubled for a moment.

‘Should I see him as a child now Should he be considered as an adult’

It could have been a very serious problem.

In any case, Aria decided to rescue Winter from the grip that was more tenacious than that of the devil.

“Let him go, Lloyd.”

Winter didn’t want his family to see his figure like that even if he died, so he avoided his family.

Because she knew he couldn’t be sane to do something like that.

Barely freed from Lloyd’s grasp, he hurriedly ran and hugged Aria tightly.

“Older Sister, I’m afraid of that person.”

The child-Winter will not know.

The lifespan of adult-Winter will be shortened soon.

The closer they get to the truth about the real God and the Holy Empire.

Aria was reluctant to go to the prayer room.

But, as promised, she visited the prayer room every day.

Because she promised

“Grand Princess.”

Gabriel saw Aria and first greeted her.

When did it start At some point, his plain gaze with the characteristic shyness did not step away from Aria.

So blindly.

‘That was the way he looked at Veronica…….’

It felt weird.

Aria actually didn’t trust him, so she hid everything and offered only a few favors.

But, when did he start to look at her like that


Aria sat Gabriel down and said.

It was a story she had never personally mentioned.

“I know that Angel’s precious person is Saint Veronica.”

“…it was.”

“Is it still”

She asked openly if he was a double agent.

In fact, she actually knew that Veronica was bad, but it was hard to say openly, but now there is evidence.

Because the whole world knew it.

Now she won’t be able to get away with it any longer.

“It’s been a long time since I didn’t.”

Long time

Aria, who thought it was a recent matter, widened her eyes in surprise for a moment.

‘Is that a lie’

But he didn’t seem to be lying.

“Then I’m glad.”

Aria was relieved.

She didn’t know what it was.

But Gabriel said, looking at her with eyes vivid with thirst.

“I know, too.”

Suddenly, their eyes met.

Golden eyes resembling the sun were burning as if eagerly longing for something.

Aria wrinkled her eyebrows without realizing it.

She doesn’t know why he was looking at her like that.

“The Grand Princess has a time limit.”

Aria had already expected that he would say that, so she wasn’t very agitated.

“I’m not going to deny it, since you seem already convinced.”

“As expected, the Grand Princess knew it…”

Gabriel muttered without hiding his misery.

“So, what do you want to do”

Are you going to tell people

Gabriel shook his head at Aria’s question.

“Would you like me to go out of the Grand Duke’s castle”


After a brief silence, Gabriel began to persuade.

“Staying here will only make things worse.

Come with me from Valentine to Garcia.”



Aria didn’t know what to say, so her lips only fluttered.

Even if he asked them to go out together, she was going to say no, but he had asked to run away to another country together.

To Garcia too.

‘Are you crazy’

He seems not

‘Maybe Veronica’s brainwashed him firmly.’

Aria looked him up and down with a suspicious look.

Gabriel kept talking, regardless of Aria’s thought.

“Garcia is an empire with a very advanced medical science.”

“It’s known that way.”

“Although the recent development of a cure for the plague has failed, there is no denying that the majority of drugs and treatments out there are from Garcia.”

Ah, my God.

Aria got enlightenment belatedly and sighed.

‘Does he think that the incident that happened this time was all arbitrarily committed by Veronica’

Could that be the case There’s no way Garcia can’t do such a big job alone.

‘Should I correct the reality and face it’

It was when there were many complicated thoughts holding her words and she couldn’t say anything.


Aria realized the moment her eyes met his suddenly.

In her head, even if she knows it, she doesn’t want to believe it.

‘This knight is a knight serving Garcia.

He absolutely believes in the innocence of his country, and has no intention of betraying it.’

She may have misjudged him from the start.

At that time, she did not know that Garcia was behind all the evil deeds.

It was just that when it turned out that she was a Siren, she wanted to get a little help.

Why did things happen like this


Aria stopped calling him Angel and politely called out his name.

“Even if I die, I die on Valentine.”

And she briefly stated her determination.

In the past and in the present, every moment of her life has been colored with Valentine, so she has no regrets.

Her life, family, happiness, love, devotion, friendship…….

She would give her all to Valentine, who gave her all that.

The winter rain poured suddenly, for no reason.

Gabriel looked down for a moment as the water drops wet the floor, then swung his sword again.

‘Come to think of it, it must have rained like this before…….’

It wasn’t that long ago.

He stared at where Aria was looking at him that day.

Of course, she wasn’t there.

‘And, there will never be anymore.’

He stopped practicing on his own and looked down at his fingers.

The day he cut his hand like a fool.

As he was in the rain, his body temperature dropped and Aria’s touch felt hot wherever she touched, and he remembered the warmth of that day.

If he goes back to that day, could everything be different


‘I vaguely knew.’

He will be rejected anyway.

Aria trusted Valentine that it was close to a devotion.

Just like he trusts Aria.

‘It must be because I don’t have any strength or foundation.’

Gabriel recalled a feeling he had once felt.

That he can’t do anything even if Aria collapsed.

He can’t even find her and he can’t even stumble upon her.

It was only for a moment that his divine power was helpful.

Unless he finds the exact name of the disease and the right treatment,she will wither and weaken here.

Gabriel, unable to concentrate on the practice, returned to the room, dripping with rainwater.

At that moment, his communication device rang.

‘Have it not been thrown away yet’

It was a communication device he shared with Veronica.

‘Yes, let’s talk to the Saint instead.

Let’s repent our sins and ask the Holy Father for forgiveness…….’

However, when he picked up the communication port, there was an unexpected person behind the glass device.

“Sir Gabriel, I order your summon.

Return to Garcia immediately.”

It was Cardinal Andrea.


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