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Aria’s words always had power, even if she didn’t emphasize it.

A serious power that could not be taken lightly at all.

The power that makes people want to believe.

“Before destroying them, I will make them pay a terrible price for it.

They will reap what they sow.

Because I will make it that way.”

No matter how long it takes.

No matter what cost.

Aria said, as if talking about a predetermined ending.

“Everyone is very strong.”

“I am stronger.”

A faint smile appeared on Laura’s lips, barely lifting her trembling eyelids, and then disappeared.

“I have something to tell you.”

And she said for Aria to come closer.

As Aria lowered her head, Laura whispered in a lower voice in her ear.

Hearing Laura’s words, Aria’s eyes widened wide in surprise for a moment.

But she soon regained her composure.

“Yes, thank you.”

Aria accepted Laura’s apology, her eyes curved gently.

And she lightly kissed Laura’s forehead, now completely dead and not moving.

Aria was exhausted, but she decided to sing a song of healing.

Even if everyone tried to stop her, she spoke like a knife.

Laura trusted Aria and left, so she has to keep her promise.


An employee who was shedding tears of emotion after hearing Aria’s song looked down at his legs.

The scar from the wolf’s horrific bite had disappeared without a trace.

“The wound has healed!”

One or two wild beasts that collapsed to the ground while bleeding also regained their consciousness and got up.

Marronnier whispered as she rubbed the nape of her neck, which had been wounded by the dagger.

“I already knew that the Young Madam was a fairy, but you were a real fairy…”

The shock was so great that everyone had forgotten that Aria was speaking normally.

What does it mean to be able to speak With her song, the intruder comfortably closed her eyes, and their wounds healed in an instant.

Even life-threatening injuries!

“She was hiding that she was a fairy.”

“I know.

She was a real fairy who came down to the human world… I should have known earlier!”

Rather, they were focusing on the fact that Aria must be somewhat non-human.

Aria smiled at the absurdity.

She had no energy, she didn’t even have the strength to smile.

‘Anyway, I know that Sister-in-law is in a bad condition right now.

I assure you, when you go back, you will collapse and fall ill.’

Maybe she should have listened to Vincent.

Of course even if she listened, it didn’t seem like things would change.

“I have something to tell everyone.”

It was a different matter from the original purpose, but Aria briefly explained it.

Laura was actually a chimera with a dead body.

“You mean she was dead from the start”

“Then you’re saying that child was taken advantage of”

“How could this happen to her at such a young age…”

Even the employee, who was seriously injured from the beast’s bite, had no choice but to show sympathy in his heart when he heard that Laura was already dead.

Carlin said without hiding his complicated look.

“Young Madam sang a song, so even the soul of this child was able to close her eyes comfortably.”

“Then, if the Young Madam hadn’t been there…”

“If it weren’t for that, the child would have lived as a puppet until she was disposed of or until her body was worn out.”

Carlin added an explanation.

Then the employees got even fussier.

It was because they realized again how Aria embraced the persecuted and the weak.

“What about… the body”

Dwayne asked, hesitating.

Instead of answering the question, Tristan turned to Aria.

“You decide.”

Aria replied immediately, as if she had no concern to begin with.

“I want to bury her in the cemetery.”

“Did you hear that”

Tristan gestured his head, telling them to move quickly.

As Dwayne gave the order to the person next to him, the man nodded his head and moved Laura.

The man was also playing the role of the funeral director.

Laura’s body looked as if she was still alive.

However, Aria was convinced.

‘Laura’s soul has already left her body.’

Her alive appearance was probably because they forcefully breathed life into her body through divine powers.

‘They gave Laura the power of a siren.’

Laura, who heard the song of requiem, accepted her death and chose to leave her life.

‘If I recall the Siren’s ability did not work at all with the chimera I first encountered, the taxidermist…….’

It was clear what this meant.

The chimera was getting closer and closer to a living creature.

Even the magician Hans’ talent was getting closer to the devil.

‘I need to meet him and stop him.’

Aria came to that conclusion and jumped up.

Whether it was Garcia, Veronica, or Hans, she thought that something big would happen if she left it like this.


But at that moment, she felt dizzy and she stumbled for a moment, nearly collapsing.


Gabriel, who was standing near Aria, stretched out his hand in surprise.

However, Lloyd, who approached in the blink of an eye, shook off Gabriel’s hand and embraced Aria.

“Are you okay”

“I’m okay, but…”

…… She thought she heard a loud sound of a broken bone somewhere.

Aria turned her gaze away for a moment, and Gabriel was holding his wrist.

His bone seemed to have been broken, but it looked as if it was neatly reattached by his divine power.

‘It seems that he couldn’t control his strength at all towards Gabriel because Gabriel recovers so quickly.’

Should she tell Lloyd not to do that too much It was when Aria was staring at Gabriel sadly for a moment.

“Are you keeping your eyes on something else”

Lloyd whispered in her ear in a voice so low, as if scratching the floor.

“I guess the rabbit’s eyes can only see other people.

My insides are burning.”

Aria looked up at him for a moment, then patted his head without saying a word.

She’ll let him do this once or twice.

Lloyd, who received her hand with a momentarily expressionless face, grabbed Aria’s hand.

And he bit her finger painlessly.

“If you overdo it again, you’ll get scolded, really.”

Aria, whose finger got bitten, was startled and stiffened.

And she looked down at her own hand in confusion.

‘I haven’t been bitten by a carnivorous rabbit…….’

She was bitten by a person.

Aria’s feelings got complicated.

Then Gabriel came up to Lloyd and Aria in his arms and said,

“I’ll treat her.”

“…Did I just hear it correctly”

“If you heard that I’m going to treat her, yes.”

“I’m not asking because I don’t know.

I meant to let you know your place.”


Lloyd let out a short smirk and stared at him coldly.

Telling Gabriel that if he understood, he should know his place and go away.

It was a cold murderous energy that seemed to swallow Gabriel without a trace if he came close enough.

“As a native of Garcia, I know for sure that you lost trust…”

Gabriel struggled to keep his face from contorting with pain.

It was painful.

The saint to whom he swore allegiance, his homeland and the fact that everything he had believed may be a lie.

It was as if his feet were being swallowed from the fear that his whole world might collapse.

“But I will never do any harm to her.”

Still, he struggled to say so.

Because the first priority was to treat Aria, who looked ill.

“You don’t know your place.

In Valentine, the doctor for Aria is always on standby, do you think we’ll need you”

“I will be able to relieve fatigue at once.”

“It’s not about fatigue, it’s about energy.

Carlin’s potion is enough.”


Please think more rationally.

It is the divine power that specializes in healing through all the energies in this world.”

Lloyd seemed to be contemplating how to get rid of him, yet Gabriel didn’t back down.

Aria let out a sigh as she listened to their conversation, and then she suddenly felt her stomach churn and her eyes widen.

“Both of you…….”

The world was spinning.


Aria couldn’t finish her words.

Her mind was slowly clouded, and pitch black darkness covered her vision.


“Grand Princess!”

The last thing she saw was the faces of the two men in dismay.

“It was going very well!”

Cardinal Andrea was truly furious.

He gave up pretending to be a man of character.

And as he threw things that were on the desk to the floor, he huffed and puffed.

“I thought things were going well, but you ruined everything like this All you had to do was wait for the experiment to finish successfully…!”

Then Veronica, who was sitting opposite him, clenched her fists as she looked at the shards of ceramics on the floor, shattered to pieces.

It was good until she was sent to the orphanage to test subjects at the Imperial Palace.

But she may have been overzealous to even send it to Valentine’s estate.

Not to say, but it won’t be able to come back.

“…I admit my mistake.”

“Does it make a difference to admit it We lost the first and only success.”

“There are already success stories, so we can create the next one anytime.”

She retorted without giving in.

“The important thing is that we have conclusive information that the Grand Princess is a Siren.”

Then the cardinal raised his voice even more and screamed.

“That was something I already knew from the slave trader! It’s absurd to overhear communications and pretend to make a great discovery.”


On the contrary, it made Veronica dumbfounded.

The only thing that Cardinal Andrea learned from the owner of the Underhill Slave Trader was that he had ‘heard a song’.

However, Veronica deduced that Aria was actually a Siren with just one vague clue.

“If I hadn’t infiltrated the subject into the Imperial Palace, we would have never known.

The existence of the Siren.”

“Huh, then, what.

What’s so great about being the Siren”

But the cardinal only snorted his nose.

“What’s so great Even though she had recaptured the entire slaves from the notorious Underhill Slave Trader”

“Is there anything impossible with Valentine’s help What’s the big deal with a singing clown…”

Tsk, tsk, Andrea, who clicked his tongue, rang the bell and called the paladins.

And, as if it had been like that, he put on the cardinal’s mask again and said,

“Saint Veronica’s skill in retrieving very good specimens was appreciated.

By adding to the research done by Count Chateau, she was able to produce results.”

The paladins who came after hearing the bell caught Veronica.

“Let, let me go!”

And dragged her who was rebelling.

“But I’ve already said you only get one chance.

You’ve ruined it, so you’ll have to pay the price.”


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