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Each time Lloyd’s footsteps drew closer, the nobles froze and collapsed.

Then they started to beg , pouring out tears and runny noses.

“Spare, spare me!”

“I, I have committed a mortal sin, Grand Prince.

I will never do that again.

Please forgive me!”

Their reaction was ugly and it seemed pathetic on the surface, but it wasn’t just out of fear.

When anyone was defenselessly exposed to God’s malice, they would helplessly show such a reaction.

Especially if they are powerless.

‘But it’s different from before…….’

Aria could sense a change due to her sensitiveness.

Because she had seen Valentine’s ‘God’s malice’ with her own eyes, even more she had touched it.

‘It was an endlessly deep, dark and gloomy chaos that was close to an abyss.’

So much so that she didn’t doubt it when she heard that it was of the devil’s.

However, now, a faint light of hope was shining and constantly purifying the malice.

‘More than just fear, it makes you feel awe……Feeling a little closer to God.’

The nobles themselves did not seem to be aware of it, though.

It’s probably not enough for them to repent of their mistakes, and that’s probably why they were begging for forgiveness.

It was all thanks to God’s hope.

Thanks to this, the overall mood of the power Lloyd harbored was also completely different.

“Did Sister-in-law feel like that”

Vincent also tilted his head next to Aria and asked about his uncomfortable feeling.

After they came out of the cave, he had heard about the situation, but he gave this reaction because he did not know that it had changed so much.

“I’ve seen a philosophical book that says that conscience harmonizes two selves that collide with each other.

When Sister-in-law wasn’t there, he didn’t have a conscience, so even divine power could not completely purify malice.”

To purify the divine power, they had to use nothing else but divine power.

And in the process, the only person who could be a link was Aria.

In the end, she was the only key to purify God’s malice, which has been passed down through the generations of the Valentine family.

“……I’m glad.”

Aria sighed in relief.

The most reassuring thing is that his reason was still clear and his eyes were shining brightly.

In a black light.

‘Now Lloyd is not engulfed by malice.’

Aria, who was relieved thanks to that, bit her lip.

Somehow she felt like crying.

‘Now that there is God’s hope, the Valentine’s Incident itself may not happen.’

Aria really hoped so.

‘Because I am now the only Siren in this world…….’

Now that she can’t prolong her life through the Siren’s ‘Song of Healing’, she may have to think about what happens after she dies.

But she might see another hope if they regained God’s other feelings.

The only assassin that Lloyd had captured had ingested the poison hidden in his arms and killed himself.

Unfortunately, they could not ascertain his background.

But at least they knew who the assassin was spying at.

“… it was an assassin who was targeting me.”

Natalie muttered savagely as she grinded her teeth.

“I am so blinded by chasing the prey, that I was almost killed by an assassin when I returned to camp.”

Aria looked up bewilderedly when the Princess explained the circumstances of this case.

As she came into the ballroom with blood smeared on her cheeks, she looked as bloody as ever.

– Oh, I found injured herbivores in the hunting grounds and treated them.

She was puzzled because she didn’t know who the culprit was.

– Could it be that the assassins did that too

“Yes, it must have been a trick to lure me in.

If I had seen it, I would have followed the bloodstains!”

…… why.

Vincent, who was listening to their conversation, couldn’t help but intervene.

“Why would you chase it”

“Well, there must be a stronger game there.

A beast like a wolf.”

“Ah… thanks for the reply.”

Vincent replied sullenly.

Obviously, he was clearly thinking to himself, ‘As expected, a bear…….’.

Aria thought about it for a moment.

‘The assassin was waiting in the camp because they failed to lure the Princess into the outskirts…… It makes sense.’

Was it Wasn’t it too lax for an assassin aimed at a giant like the Princess

Due to the Princess’ attempted assassination, the hunting contest was unavoidably ended hastily.

However, they couldn’t just say ‘let’s just disband’ to the nobles gathered in the imperial palace, so, at least formally, a ball was held.

As before, it was to elect the Queen of Spring Flowers this time.

‘I don’t care…….’

Aria had obtained the information she wanted and unexpectedly gained profits, so now there is nothing to see at the Imperial Palace.

‘It’s a pity I couldn’t get the Princess.’

If the Princess didn’t want it, she couldn’t force it.

Anyway, Aria gave her a fair chance at least once.

– There is something on your face.

Aria said as she wiped the bloodstains from the Princess’s cheeks with her fingers.

It’s like brushing off cookie crumbs without hesitation.

Natalie, who looked at her as if possessed, grabbed her hand and said,

“Valentine saved me.

Thanks to you, I survived.”

“I was the one who saved the Princess’ life.”

Lloyd removed Natalie’s hand from Aria, politely and resolutely, brushing it away.

“No It was because she treated the animals, so I was safe.”

“If I hadn’t killed the assassin, you wouldn’t be here now.”

“So, what, do you want to show off”

“Yes, I suddenly feel like I wanted to.”

The Princess said while glaring at Lloyd with a dissatisfied look.

“…Anyway, if you ever need my help, just let me know.

I’ll be happy to help.”

“Thank you for your consideration.”

“I didn’t say anything to the Grand Prince!”

Natalie shrieked and stomped like a bear and kicked the door out.


Thanks to this, the Emperor, who had just appeared at the entrance to the banquet hall, slammed into Natalie’s shoulder and almost fell backwards.


He roared back to the Princess’s head, but she didn’t listen and disappeared in an instant.

The Emperor, who had lost his face properly, smirked for a while, then came to his senses and began the closing ceremony.

“Even though something unfortunate happened during the contest…”

He said so and looked at Lloyd.

“… I am grateful for being able to get through the crisis safely with the help of the hero representing the Empire.”

It was Lloyd who hated the medal and trophy he received the first time.

But now he responded with a smirk and seemed happy.

‘Now, I think I will be able to play according to my nature.’

Aria smiled warmly.

It felt good to be able to show the difference between a hero and a devil in front of the nobles.

“And the Queen of Spring Flowers elected this time…”

The Emperor looked through the paper handed to him by his aide, and his expression became even more astringent.

“Ariadne Valentine who captured… twenty…assassins.”

Aria was startled when her name was called, so she turned to Lloyd.

He dedicated his prey() in Aria’s name.

A bitter silence filled the banquet hall.

Lloyd clapped his hands in a sluggish motion and glanced across the crowd after he responded to Aria with a smile.



Then, the nobles, who took a deep breath, clapped their hands desperately like those who had been threatened.

The sound of applause filled the banquet hall.

It was a daily routine as usual.

Gabriel finished the training after purifying the contaminated land.

And in the prayer room of the Grand Duke’s castle, where Aria was gone, he prayed to God alone.

‘You said you’d come to pray every day…….’

A resentment rose.

As soon as Aria made a promise with him, she immediately left for the imperial palace.

‘You should have kept your promise just once’

Although their age difference was significant, he still thought she was the only friend in the Grand Duchy with whom he could relate.

He couldn’t control the endless resentment, but he struggled to suppress that absurd feeling.

It was like a miracle from the beginning for the Grand Princess to hang out with him, who was only a knight apprentice.

As he grew up different from his childhood, it was natural for him to be negligent.

‘She was married in the first place.’

Even if they didn’t have any personal feelings for each other, continuing personal encounters with an outsider was not good for their reputation.

It may be okay for now, but when she becomes an adult, people around her may be misunderstood and it could turn into a serious problem.

‘Above all, I swore to give everything to God.’

In fact, the one who had to take care of his appearance the most was himself.

He sighed and, as usual, received a call from Veronica.

They asked questions to each other.

– Are things not going the way you want them to

Veronica asked Gabriel, who couldn’t focus his mind with a blank look.

Then Gabriel’s shoulders trembled as if his feet were numb.

“What I want… I don’t want anything.”

There were times when he was almost swayed by Veronica’s words, ‘If you want something, get it yourself.’.

But he soon regained his composure.

Don’t get caught up in this relationship, just let it flow.

‘It’s a pity if the Grand Princess doesn’t come to pray, but it has to end there.

Don’t be foolish.’

It was not good to be obsessed with relationships when you’re someone who served God.

It was not a relationship that can last for a long time.

Even the country where they were born was hostile to each other.

– No, Sir Knight.

What do you mean there’s nothing you want, right I’ve never met someone so ambitious as Sir Knight.

Veronica gave a deep smile, and she whispered softly like a snake.


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