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– Princess

Natalie shoved Aria into the most remote patio and then drew the curtains.

“Now say it.”

– Thank you for your help

“Who wants your thank you”

However, the Princess got rather angry after hearing her thank you.

“Tell me what you were thinking when you said those words.”

– In the not-too-distant future, what would you do if the Empire collapsed

– Do you really want good health and a long life

– Or have you ever listened to your own heart for even a moment

– Are you confident that you will not regret until the day you die for not revealing yourself

Aria said those.

What she meant in her words was clear.

The Empire ruled by the current Emperor will soon be destroyed.

So it was for Natalie to not be afraid of death, don’t hide herself and reveal herself.

All of these words seemed to persuade Natalie to rebel.

‘I did say it outright.’

Aria covered her mouth and let out a small laugh as she then recalled Natalie’s bewildered look.

“Are you laughing What if I accuse you of treason according to my nature, what would you say It’s hard to deal with, no matter how you’re Valentine.”

Natalie growled violently as she spoke harshly.

But somehow it wasn’t threatening at all.

– I thought you wouldn’t.

Because, it was too far fetched.

‘Because I said exactly what I heard from the future Princess.’

Even though Natalie was curious about how Aria read her inner thoughts, which she had not even been aware of, it seemed like she would never do such a thing.

Then, in response to Aria’s message, Natalie puckered her mouth as if she was speechless.

“…you don’t really have any solutions contrary to what you look like”

– I hear that often.

The word reckless.

Saying she doesn’t know how precious her life is.

Aria couldn’t help it.

– I need to be prepared to risk my life to get what I want.

She was able to obtain Lloyd’s heart by rushing to death.

The boy who repeatedly said ‘get out of my way’ just by looking at Aria’s shadow began to solidify her existence from a certain moment even when he was by her side.

His gaze always followed her.

He said he wants to make her dreams come true.

He cried because he wanted to live with her.

– It’s worth it.

Aria said with a bright smile.

Natalie was silent for a long time.

The girl’s eyes as she spoke her words were as bright as ever before.

Her eyes were pure, without any selfishness or desire.

“What do you want…”

Natalia had no choice but to ask.

It was because Aria didn’t want anything even when she said something weird to persuade Natalie to rebel.

– Well, living happily ever after

“What Your words and actions don’t match.”

– I know.

Aria smiled as if in trouble for a moment.

– I didn’t mean to ask for anything.

I’m sorry, but I don’t have any intention of going forward actively for the Princess.

Natalie’s eyes narrowed.

It was also hard to believe.

She was in a situation where she had no choice but to doubt whether this was another trap.

“You seem to have forgotten what you just said You said you have to risk your life to get what you want.”

What do you want She listened to confirm again in a slightly anxious tone.

Aria’s intentions.

The dark secret that was hidden.

– This time, I want the Princess to achieve what she wants and be happy.

A suffocating answer came back.

‘This time…… ’

Natalie was puzzled by that part, but thought Aria said it wrong, and let it go.

But the sentence that followed was more absurd.

“What kind of saint are you”

– That’s not it…… I also found happiness this time, so I want the Princess to be happy too.

“Are you like a happiness evangelist or what”

Huh, it is true.

She is like a deer.

Natalie, who snorted and smirked several times as if she was shocked, shook her head sharply.

“The Grand Princess is just as insane as I am.”

– Of course, if the goal is right, I want to be with the Princess.

There is something I want to get, and if the Princess helps me, it will be much easier.

“Huh, cheeky.”

Natalie didn’t know what to do with this fragile deer that couldn’t even protect herself.

“…what do you want to get”

– A list of nobles who participated in the founding ceremony.

“That’s easy.

I’m managing it… Wait, you approached me to get that kind of information in the first place!”

Aria shook her head to Natalie, who was very suspicious of her.

Although the process would be complicated, Aria was able to get the list even without the Princess.

– Princess can just bury it on your chest and go the way you want.

Because there is no such thing as a wrong path.

Aria reached out her hand without hesitation and took Natalie’s hand firmly, and she smiled brightly like a flower.

– I just want you to be happy.

‘This crazy, happiness evangelist…….’

A night when darkness fell.

A terrace with only occasional glow stones attached to it.

But strangely, a brilliant light seemed to fall over Aria’s smile.

“… my stomach is churning.”

– What Are you unwell

Her heart tickled at Aria’s worried words.

This time, the Princess had no choice but to leave the place as if to run away.

A lot happened in the brief time Lloyd was away to pick up Aria’s shoes.

Lloyd, who had been leaning against the wall with supreme force, flashed up as soon as Aria approached him.

“Llo, Lloyd”

Startled, she whispered into Lloyd’s ear.

Then he answered.

“You said your legs hurt.

Let’s go back.”

At that moment, the sound of the nobles whispering polluted her ears.

Again, they were chattering.

Aria frowned.

– Lloyd, I have something to tell you.

Had he noticed that Aria was going to say something unusual Instead of speaking directly, Lloyd answered using the wedding ring artifact.

– What

– Maybe it was because of me

Lloyd gave a puzzled look at her hesitant message.

She said the conclusion from the beginning, so he couldn’t understand what she was saying.

Aria quickly added an explanation.

– Were you tolerating the nobles because I wanted Valentine to get rid of the stigma and be recognized as a hero

– …… Not necessarily.

In fact, it sounded like he was.

Aria sighed and said.

– Don’t hold it in.

Lloyd has become a hero, so you can do whatever you want.

Then he was silent for a while, and then went into a nearby longue.

Then he knelt down on one knee and took off Aria’s shoes and said,

“What you want is what I want.”

And Lloyd spoke, putting on the new fluffy bunny slippers.

“I can’t even hear what other people are saying.

It’s not worth listening to at all.”

It was like that.

Aria admits that she cares too much about useless things, and drapes her body on the sofa.

She felt that somehow, she had done something very stupid.

Even if she didn’t get other people’s approval, it was enough.

‘I even gave advice to Vincent four years ago.’

She said that the recognition of others will not last for less than 10 years.

It was a problem for Aria to lose her mind when it came to Lloyd.

“It’s still unfair.

You saved the world, but you have to be treated as a villain.”

“If that’s what you mean, then…”


Aria shook her head.

“It has become an image that being a hero is unconditionally adhering to the side of justice and being good.”

Aria added that she thought she should write a new hero story as she told the Princess.

“Let’s make Valentine’s hero.”

She will only put up with it once.

And, if they spoke carelessly, she will have to show that there is only one difference between the hero and the devil .

“Ah, that’s definitely…”

Lloyd, who had been kneeling in front of Aria, slowly tilted his head as if lost in his thoughts for a moment.

“…something I like too.”

And he slowly raised his lips to show what he was thinking.

“Hmm, that’s a lot of work.”

The Princess, who came to Aria’s room in a hurry, threw the roll of paper.

And before Aria could say anything, she rushed out of the room.


Aria, who was enjoying tea time with Lloyd, stared at her in bewilderment.

“What else is that…”

Lloyd put down the teacup he was holding, lowering his voice and muttering.

It was a voice full of vigilance.

‘He doesn’t believe the Princess.’

It was at the moment when Aria was about to nag him.

Vincent entered the room with his eyes fixed on the hallway.

“Wow, I just ran into the Princess outside, and she was walking like a bear who found some kind of prey.”

He spoke as if he had found a wild beast.

Like treating the Princess as an animal.

“She gave me this.”

Aria looked at the roll of paper.


A list of nobles who attended the founding ceremony.

Aria was really surprised.

Naturally, getting the list of attendees would be easier for the Princess than breathing.

Because she was taking the place of the Empress in the first place.

‘But why…….’

If the Princess had thought to cooperate with Aria, she would have used this list as an excuse to raise her terms.

But the Princess was willing to hand over what Aria said she needed and left…….

‘Are you telling me to move as I please’

To test her out.

‘As expected, she is very vigilant.’

Aria smiled a little.

Of course, there must be a lot of it.

‘The nobles who can participate in the ceremony are mostly influential nobles who have advanced into politics.’

She could tell just by looking at the cover.

Aria went through the list.

“…not there”


“A nobleman with a body as hardened as the knight who came into contact with the gutter rat.”

In the beginning, such nobles were rare.

Unless they are of a knight family, they only learn swordsmanship until basic education, but not engrossed enough to train their body.

“I think we got it wrong.”

Aria muttered seriously.

In correlating the gutter rat’s intrusion into the Imperial Palace, she assumed that it might be an imperial nobleman.

But, it wasn’t.

Then Vincent, who made a serious expression at the same time, murmured, “Oh, no way…”

“It’s not a ceremonial robe, it could be a paladin uniform.”


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