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Chapter 127

Aria didn’t respond and looked down at the menu.

‘The language of Dunham Kingdom.’

Most of the dishes eaten by the nobility in the Empire were developed in Dunham.

Another name for Dunham is ‘Heavenly Table’.

It was not an exaggeration to say that it was a country of gastronomy, and it was a kingdom with an extremely developed culinary culture.

Among the nobility, whether or not there was a cook from Dunham was a measure of wealth.

‘It looks like they’re looking down on me.’

Aria was still 14 years old, but she had been on Valentine four years ago.

They think she’d never even learned Dunham’s language in the meantime.

“Oh, she’s so stiff that she can’t say anything.”

“She really doesn’t know”

“I’ve been betting on the poor, low-ranking noble in the countryside.

I think it’s not even that.”

A Lady whispered and giggled a little.

She might have lost her bet, but she had fun.

No, it’s actually more interesting now.

If not now, when would they ever mock the Grand Princess

Also the Grand Princess of ‘Valentine’.

She was a person who was in such a high position that they couldn’t even look at her.

“She may have really come from the gutter.

Then, let alone foreign languages, she would have been in a hurry to learn the official language and etiquette of the Empire.”

“Now that I look at it, it seems that the manners of nobles were completely ingrained in her body, but if she was from the gutter, it would have taken her a few years just to get it into a habit.”

“Then, Lady Leshan”

The Ladies and some Madams expected what Aria would say.

Will she ask for earl grey Will you shed tears over the prank Or was she so ignorant that she didn’t even know that she was being ridiculed

Or, in reverse, read the menu fluently

“Whoa, I’ll bet everything on my second bet.”

It didn’t matter either way.

They were already bored by being tied to the imperial palace, and a clown appeared to entertain them.

No matter how Aria reacted, they were ready to laugh and have fun.

However, contrary to their expectations, Aria did not say anything at all.

She didn’t hesitate or cry.

She called the maid, who was waiting, and ran her fingers through the menu from start to finish.

– From here to here, bring it all.

And she calmly ordered.

Lady Leshan, the youngest daughter of County Leshan, was speechless for a moment.

It was because the scale was too big to ridicule for escaping this situation in that way.

She didn’t want to come forward yet, so she asked the question unknowingly.

“Are you talking about all the menus”

– Yes, any problem

“Isn’t it better to only serve as much as you can eat”

– Ah……

Aria looked troubled for a moment.

As if she had never imagined she would hear such a word.

– At Valentine, we decided after seeing all the menus prepared by the chef himself, is it different at this meeting

As if it was the first time she had experienced it, she blurted out the end of her words.

– If you have to decide what to eat just by looking at the menu on the paper…….

The expressions of the Ladies and Madams who had been whispering with fans covering their mouth, hardened for an instant.

Because they knew all the rumors about Valentine’s wealth.

Among them, there were even rumors that Valentine controlled the state-owned property.

In fact, they were skeptical of the Grand Princess.

She was from a humble status that they couldn’t even reveal her origins.

“Well, we’re used to that, too.

But it’s the Imperial Palace budget, so we can’t use it carelessly.”

– Oh, you were worried about that.

I’m sure they will tolerate it.

Shall I ask His Majesty directly

Just for something like this

The eyes of the Ladies, who were frowning, widened as if they were about to pop out in an instant.

No matter where Aria was from, the casual way she says things like that means that Valentine’s influence was huge.

“Does that mean… does that mean that the Grand Princess will personally host the tea party”

A Lady glanced at Lady Leshan and asked.

Today’s meeting was hosted by Leshan Youngae.

However, whether intentionally or not, the problem was pointed out in front of the organizer.

It was a huge insult to the other person, and at the same time, it was no different from openly arguing.

– Did it sound like that

However, Aria gave a puzzled expression and tilted her head.

And as if to ask them to forget it, she shook her head with a gentle smile.

– I was told that in order to belong to a group, I had to follow the rules of that group.

I didn’t think much.

A bitter silence split between them.

In the end, it was all a fuss with nothing to gain.

Rather than mocking the Grand Princess, the people present felt a sense of deprivation.

Lady Willis, who had been watching the surroundings for a while, noticed that Lady Leshan’s expression was unusual.

She clapped her hands as if to uplift the mood.

“By the way, do you all know that All of this menu was written by Lady Leshan herself.”


“Yes, she also selected the menu herself.”

“Oh, she is amazing.

There are quite a few menu items that are unfamiliar to me.

How did you know about these desserts”

Once they attended the meeting, it was the right thing to do to praise and lift the organizer.

Even though they had already heard of it, they fussed as if it was the first time they had heard it.

Then Lady Leshan softened her expression and answered.

“I went to Dunham with my father a few months ago.

I wanted to introduce you to the desserts I encountered there.”

“You’re too kind.”

“Tell me more, please!”

The Ladies urged with a smile.

Thanks to their active support, Lady Leshan quickly reemerged in the spotlight.

This was kind of an opportunity.

This was the last chance for Lady Leshan, who has never been noticed in social circles, to become the main character at a meeting.

She didn’t want to miss this opportunity.

So she exaggerated it even more.

“I spent most of my time in the Dunham capital, but on my last day I stopped by the port of Praia.”

“Wow, even among Dunham, Praia is famous for the most delicious food.”

“I’m jealous…”

One Lady sighed deeply.

It was because of the fact that Praia was an island province, the people tended to be closed, and they used a fairly difficult dialect.

It was so unique, even people from the same Dunham Kingdom could not understand their words.

Thanks to that, finding an interpreter, no matter how much money they had, was like picking a star in the sky.

Lady Leshan, who laughed shortly, continued.

“I was lucky.

Thanks to this, I learned a little bit of Praia’s language besides cooking.”

In the dialect, she spoke basic conversations such as ‘Hello’, ‘Nice to meet you’, ‘It’s delicious’, and ‘See you again’.

The people in this place were learning the language of Dunham Kingdom as the basic culture of nobles, so everyone was amazed.

“The pronunciation is completely different.”

“I thought I was fluent in the Dunham language, but I can’t understand a word.”

“Ugh, that’s why I don’t know when I’ll be able to try the local cuisine of Praia.”

“That’s why I’ve been working hard to get the recipes.”

Then Lady Leshan playfully shrugged her shoulders as if she was thinking about something.

“Do you know the most famous dessert in that region”

“Please tell me soon.

I’m really looking forward to this!”

“It’s called ‘otte macadry’.

I tried it there myself and it was fantastic.”

She added all kinds of rhetoric to explain the taste of the dessert in a grand way.

“There aren’t many on the menu we introduced today, but if you come to our estate, you can taste it for yourself.”

– Did you eat it

It was then.

Aria, who had been listening to their conversation, interrupted for the first time.

Lady Leshan, who was interrupted at the moment when the mood was about to improve, almost distorted her expression.

But she struggled to keep her composure and answered.

“Yes, of course.”

– Lady Leshan, can you spare some time for me I have something to tell you.

However, it was difficult to maintain composure at the following words.

Because this was an obvious hindrance.

‘This is…… !’

Was Aria secretly showing off her power and wealth and trying to take the initiative from the organizer Since Lady Leshan was getting the attention from celebrities in the social world right now, was Aria interrupting her for nothing

It was an opportunity to invite influential people from the social world to her estate!

“Please speak here.”

Lady Leshan had no intention of playing around with Aria’s trick.

So she resolutely drew the line.

In fact, she had no reason to be afraid to deal with Aria alone.

‘No, what was scary!’

Such a commoner girl! No matter how much Aria was from Valentine, if she presses her a lot, Aria won’t be able to do anything about it.

Aria would never set foot in the social world again.

– If you wish.

Aria, who was staring intently at Lady Leshan, said while placing her finger on the menu board in front of her.

– You misspelled it here.

“What, what How could it be!”

Lady Leshan stuttered in bewilderment.

The Ladies, who had been snooping on the menu board in hopelessness at Aria’s words, covered their mouth with a fan and muttered.

“Oh my, that’s true…”

When Lady Leshan’s face grew red, the people comforted her.

“Well, it’s a common mistake.”

“That’s right.

It’s just the spelling, anyone can easily get it wrong.”

Of course, even if she said that, a small smirk began to appear in Aria’s eyes.

– And in the Praia dialect, ‘delicious’ is ‘le lantia’ and ‘See you again’ is ‘delle patemme’.

I don’t think it’s okay to pass wrong information to the people here.

Aria added.

‘How, how do I do that!’

Lady Leshan, who was trying to get some points with her nonsensical dialect, was astonished.

It was not enough for Grand Princess to know the letters of Dunham, she could even speak the dialect fluently! Then the Ladies and Madam rushed to her in a big fuss.

“Grand Princess, have you ever learned Praia’s dialect”

How can you The nuance was like that.

Aria understood the hidden meaning at the words, and raised the corners of her lips in response.

– Because Valentine’s chef is from Praia in Dunham.

“What Really!”

– Yes, it was Baker.

Besides, Baker…….

“I’ve heard of it.

Isn’t that the same chef that His Majesty the Emperor compares the imperial cook to every day”

“That’s right.

He often said that it was the cook’s fault he didn’t get Baker.”

He spoke so often that even the nobles memorized it.

But the famous chef was working as Valentine’s chef.

– Actually, what I really want to say is…….

Aria had a very troubled face, and she stretched her words, pretending to be hesitant.

– Praia’s dessert ‘otte macadry’ has a very strong religious factor, so I’ve never even tried it.


– ‘otte macadry’ means ‘body of God’ in the Praia dialect.

“Bo, body of God!”

They were terrified.

The body of God.

It was because it was a taboo word that would be more than swearing, with your neck flown away as heresy if it was heard in Garcia.

– For being taboo, it’s legally banned in all countries except Dunham.

That’s why it hasn’t been brought into the Empire yet.

Everyone’s eyes turned to Lady Leshan.

The Lady’s face was so pale.

It was as if she had now admitted that she had broken the law with her mouth.

In the Imperial Palace too.


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