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Gabriel let out a deep, silent sigh and looked towards the main palace.

He couldn’t concentrate at all.

Be it prayer or practice.

It has been like that ever since he was told that Aria had returned to the castle, collapsed and lost her consciousness.

‘No, actually, it was before that.’

The longer the Grand Prince and Princess went to the Imperial Palace and stayed in the capital, the more Gabriel felt the vacancy.

He had no choice but to.

Ever since he came to the Grand Duke’s castle, he never not prayed with Aria.

‘I can’t even visit…….’

Gabriel realized his position anew.

In the meantime, he could always be by Aria’s side because Aria came to him without hesitation.

Because he was only an apprentice.

He wouldn’t have had a chance to meet her if Aria didn’t come to see him, except if he passed by and ran into her.

‘Why did you collapse’

‘Are you still very sick’

‘Are you awake Could it be that you are still unconscious It’s been three days.’

‘I wonder if you were injured so badly that you couldn’t move.’

‘Is that why you can’t even come to pray….’

Gabriel opened his closed eyes.

His thoughts kept running through his head, and he could hardly continue his prayers.

‘Please be safe.’

The end of his prayer was always to pray for Aria’s safety.

Gabriel looked at the rustling key from his arms without saying a word.

Before Aria left for the Imperial Palace, she gave him the key to the prayer room through the servant.

It was a consideration for Gabriel, who was deeply religious, and it was proof that she could now trust him with the key to the prayer room.

But he rather…….

‘…… I didn’t want to receive it.’

Gabriel realized why he didn’t feel happy when the keys were first handed over to him.

If he receives this, his connection with Aria will completely disappear.

‘Can we meet after you wake up’

The place where Aria stayed was the main palace.

Gabriel couldn’t even come close to the main palace.

So, if she doesn’t come out of the palace, he’ll just pass by and not even be able to run into her.

‘Aren’t you coming to pray now’

The moment he received the key, he had such a feeling.

Perhaps it will be difficult to see the Grand Princess again in the future.

Gabriel, clutching the key, exited the prayer room and headed for his room.

The communication device in one corner of the room was ringing.

It was from Veronica.

Gabriel was tired today, but he faithfully contacted her.


– Long time no see, Sir Knight.

Veronica, beyond the video, greeted him with a gentle smile as usual.

– I’ve finally been assigned to the Fineta branch’s Great Temple, Sir Knight.

Aren’t you coming to see me


Gabriel followed her, smiling and trying to avoid her gaze as if embarrassed.

“I’m sorry, Saint.

I can’t leave Valentine until the purification has come to an end.”

When Veronica heard those words, she murmured with a look that he hadn’t thought of.

– Purification…… Then come to think of it, the power of God…….


– No, nothing.

She smiled brightly and turned her words around naturally.

– So, you’ll definitely come next year, right

“Of course.”

Gabriel answered bluntly, but he looked somewhat uncomfortable.

It was because he remembered Aria’s words before leaving for the imperial palace.

‘The saint might come to the Fineta Empire to find a way to increase her divine power.’

Maybe that statement was true

‘She must have not known she can absorb divine power enough to make the other person die…….’

Gabriel had a complicated heart.

He doesn’t know what to say to convince Veronica.

– I think I troubled Sir Knight a while ago.

Then Veronica lowered her eyes with a guilty expression.

– The harsh memories I received from Brother Barom must have put me to the test.

Did she recall any bad memories The dark golden eyes fluttered wide, and drops of dew appeared.

Gabriel couldn’t help but panic.

Whatever Veronica coveted, she was the victim anyway.

She put on a look of disappointment.

– I have been guilty of coveting things that are not mine, even for a moment.


– When I asked God for forgiveness, he was happy to forgive my sins, as always.

A smirk passed over Veronica’s expression as she wiped away the tears with a hand covering her face.

– I decided to live my life grateful for what I have in the future.

Although my divine power is weak, I can support children so that they can grow up properly and lead a happy life.

And she smiled broadly, trying to close her watery eyes.

– So, Sir Knight doesn’t have to worry about it anymore.

I’m sorry I made you worry for nothing.

Gabriel felt sorry for Veronica and was relieved at the same time.


There’s no way the saint would do that.’

She was swayed by temptation for a while.

As Aria said, Veronica was only a human, not a god.

He hesitated for a moment, then said.

“Are you okay with Priest Barom’s incident now”

– Ah…… Actually, I’m not completely okay.

Sometimes I think it’s my fault…….

“Why is that, Saint’s fault”

– Of course I know it’s no one’s fault, but I just…… I feel bad.

Barom is dead.

Very foolishly.

Gabriel wondered if that was karma.

It was about the time the conversation was over.

Veronica brought up another topic.

– By the way, Sir Knight, do you have any concerns

Concerns Gabriel blinked puzzledly and said, ‘Oh.’ ‘ and patted his cheek.

He wondered if everything was revealed in his expression.

“it’s nothing.”

– You’re lying.

You think I don’t know the knight


– If you share your concerns, it’s halved.

Veronica asked politely.

Does he have anything to worry about

Then Gabriel, who was silent for a moment, turned around and showed the corner of his troubles slightly.

“…I just realized that I am nothing.”

An idiot who has no idea of ​​his own worth.

A slave temperament who puts the values ​​of others before his own and is desperate to serve.

‘That’s why you can only be a loyal dog.’

Veronica thought.

She was not at all jealous of Gabriel, no matter how much divine power he had.

Because it wasn’t worth it.

“What does Sir Knight mean you’re nothing”

He knows his place very well.

“Is that possible”

Veronica said something completely different from what she was thinking and smiled a little bitterly.

“Then what do I become”

– What I don’t mean that…….

Arousing guilt and sympathy was the easiest way to get him to speak out.

Veronica knew how to use the method very well.

Not only his heart and soul, but also his everything will be offered.

– Nothing else, just, I realized that I was in a position where I couldn’t even meet her.

It’s new.

But as soon as she heard Gabriel’s words, she was puzzled and tried to eagerly explain…….

She couldn’t help but be sure.

‘Is it too late already’

The dog’s savior was no longer her.

‘Hmm…… Shall I throw him away too’

It was a precious loss, but it was also a dangerous one at the same time.

If the dog becomes completely submissive to its new owner, he will ungratefully reveal its teeth to Veronica.

Veronica decided to do what she had in mind for quite some time.

After all, before he becomes a big threat, it’s better to get rid of him now…….

‘Oh, wait.’

Rather, can’t she use this in reverse

Veronica came up with an entirely different plan.

A twinkle flashed in her eyes.

“That’s strange.”

– What do you mean

“Sir Knight that I know are the ones who do not give up even when everyone laughs and points their fingers at you, and perseveres.”

Veronica said as if she was holding his hand tight.

“If you want something, get it yourself.

That’s what Sir Knight did.”

She thought.

In the dog’s mind, if she was no longer there, she would shove his back altogether.

Down to the abyss.

Gabriel, who had been walking around, brightened up as soon as Aria approached him.

He looked like a puppy welcoming its owner who had left the house for a long time.

Aria was a little embarrassed.

He wasn’t like this before she left for the Imperial Palace.

‘We weren’t even that close…….’

Gabriel had a deep bond with Veronica, which made him suspicious.

Aria was wary of him, and she took a step back.

“I heard people talking, you collapsed all three days.”

Oh, he was worried about that.

Aria had a shy expression.

Unless they’re sworn enemies, you can’t help but feel sorry for someone if they collapsed for three days.

“I have heard that you freed slaves from the grip of the slave traders.”

So that’s why you come here

Aria looked around the temporary building where the slaves were staying, and she nodded.

‘If it is me, I will come here as soon as I wake up.’

Unable to go to the main palace, this would have been the only way for him to meet Aria.

“I’m really glad you woke up safely.


Aria waited patiently for Gabriel to bring up the main point.

It must have been that he had something to say, so he came all the way here and waited for her.

But after a while, he didn’t say anything.

– Is that it


Gabriel, hearing the message from Aria for the first time, widened his eyes.

Seeing that his chest, which had been trembling with each inhalation and exhalation, stopped in its place, he seemed surprised to the point of forgetting to breath for a moment.

– Oh, Gabriel must be new to this.

From now on, I’ve decided to speak through messages instead of cards for convenience.

Aria glanced at the thin string bracelet on her right hand.

“Then is this the Grand Princess’ voice”

– Yes.


Gabriel nodded and shook his head for a moment.

There was a pink blush on his cheeks that was white enough to make him look pale.

Aria was not impressed.

It was because everyone who heard her voice for the first time showed this kind of reaction.


Gabriel said hesitantly.

Was this the point now

Aria listened to him and nodded her head.

“Now, you won’t call me an angel anymore”


At that moment, the jaguar, who was silently standing next to Aria, rushed to Gabriel.


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