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Chapter 105

It was different.

This chimera was markedly different from the gutter rat.

‘Did you hurt my body’

It was the first time it happened except when he was a kid.

Although he was off-guard, no one had ever scratched his body.

Except for Tristan.

Lloyd’s gaze passed through the drooping chimera’s arms and reached the long, sharp claws of a beast.

Obviously, the body that the chimera had transferred to was an ordinary corpse…….

“You hurt me again! You’re a bad person! I’m going to kill you all!”

At that moment, the chimera got up and shouted loudly.

It still spoke like a child.

Lloyd wondered if the intelligence level was lowered as much as possible, because the physical abilities were improved.


“Right! I will kill you all!”


He raised the torch he was holding and lit the inside of the dock.

And at that moment, Lloyd’s eyes met the non-human creatures that were rummaging through piles of corpses.

‘One two three four…… nine.’

Including the leading chimera, there were at least ten.

– Lloyd Lloyd!

At that moment, Aria’s message resounded in his head.

Lloyd pressed the bloody cheek with his palm with a troubled face.

The recapture operation may take a little longer than expected.

‘She’d be worried…….’

But at the same time, Lloyd was relieved that Aria was not here.

– Don’t worry, it’ll be over soon.

Lloyd sent his message, shaking off the blood flowing on his sword.

– Can I trust you

Aria’s message came back, who was quick to notice and was dubious.

‘When I tricked you pretending to be sick, you were deceived.’

Lloyd replied with a grin.

– Wait, rabbit.

No matter what he did, the chimera seems to have evolved quite a bit from before.

In fact, to make them incapable of combat, it wasn’t difficult.

“I will kill you! I will kill you!”

He grabbed the chimera’s head and threw it at the wall.

The wall of the dock collapsed in an instant, leaving a large hole.

The slaves gathered nearby swallowed their breath with a ‘hiiick’ and retreated in confusion.

“Everyone on deck.”

Lloyd coldly ordered.

The slaves, who felt the heavy pressure mixed with each word, could not even breathe properly.

All of a sudden, his gaze met the bloody marks on the wall.

“If you’re so desperate to live, you should at least show that will.

Try harder to make me want to save you.”


“If you just want to sit there blankly, you’ll just die.”

Lloyd grabbed the arm of the chimera, who ran towards him, muttering languidly, and pushed it to the ground.

At the same time, an eerie sound erupted, and the chimera’s arm was torn like a stuffed toy.

It could not be called a battle between humans at all.

A few slaves, who had only exchanged glances in fear, stood up with a determined expression.

Then, they gave strength to their loosened legs and climbed onto the deck.

Those with crushed legs were supported by others or climbed far and wide even by crawling.

The inside of the dock, which had been crowded with slaves, was empty in an instant.

“Huh My food”

And the chimera looked around and made a silly noise.

The half torn arm was sticking together little by little.

‘It’s quite annoying.’

Even if he destroys the body until it becomes incapacitated, the chimera will change its body over and over again.

Besides, now it was even changing its body.

‘It’s driving me crazy.’

Lloyd watched the grotesque sight of nerves growing and attaching to the severed arm.

And he took a deep breath.

‘If I make it fish food for the rest of its life, hang it from an anchor…….’

It was when Lloyd was thinking of ways to dispose of a chimera that was too cruel to speak of.

“No food.

My food.”

“Yeah, it’s not here.


“Where did it go Food…”

The chimera, who had been repeating the same thing as if it were singing, suddenly stopped standing tall.


Because they could hear the hiccups of a child.

They looked at one place at the same time.

It was behind a wooden box.

Without hesitation, the chimeras smashed the crate with their fists.


At the same time, a woman’s scream rang out.

She was so startled that she reflexively yelled, then quickly shut her mouth.

But it was already too late.

She held the child tighter in her arms as she watched the chimeras stretch out their hands towards her.

“Li, Lisa! Leo!”

Then Ted, who was trembling down the stairs, cried out.

He was eagerly searching for his wife and son among the slaves on the deck.

But he guessed they haven’t been able to get out yet.


Ted knew for the first time that he could move at that speed.

Ted ran frantically in front of his wife and son and hugged them tightly.

While closing his eyes tight.

“Kuugh, kuk!”

Drops of blood poured down Ted’s face.

But there was no pain.

He slowly opened his closed eyes.

In front of him was the chimera, convulsing, pierced by a sword.

“Hoo, uhh, huwook! Koohk!”

Until now, the chimera who only whined in pain no matter how much Lloyd cut, threw, or ripped it.

But now it was screaming and twisting its body.


The chimera, who was panting and screaming desperately, soon turned to ashes and scattered.

It happened in the blink of an eye.

Even the other chimeras that were not hit by the sword hesitated and spread their distance.

“Grand Prince Thank, thank you for saving me…”

Ted lowered his gaze slowly.

At the tip of the sharply glowing red sword, a group of lights fluttered.

A light so bright that it hurts his eyes.

However, the emotion he felt to the extent of piercing his bones was ‘fear’ itself.


At that moment, he groaned without realizing it, and the corners of his eyes were moistened.

His emotions grew uncontrollably.

Tears ran down his chin.

It was the sword that saved him, but he was more afraid than when he was attacked by the chimera.

His hands and feet were trembling.




He couldn’t stand still.

It was difficult to breathe.

A terrible ringing rang in my ear.

The tip of his nose stung and blood dripped down his nose.

A malice that was not of this world was persuading him to throw himself into the sea and die.

At the same time, his eyes met with Lloyd.

“Get lost.”

The young man’s eyes, who spoke like that, had faded a little more gray than he had seen before.

Like ashes scattered on the floor.


“They may have looked all over by now.”

Maxim chuckled, took a cigar from his arms, put it in his mouth and lit it.

Then he flicked his finger as if to motion for the attendant who was standing still to come over, spitting out an acrid smoke.

“What is it You look dissatisfied”

“Well, there’s no choice but to do that.”

He tried to kill all the good slaves.

Maxim chuckled.

“It is a matter directly related to the trust that I have built up while doing this job.

They’re even slaves brought in to other countries If they die, the damage will be huge.”


Maxim asked in a harsh tone, interrupting the attendant’s words.

“What do you think is the reason why the lab gave me ten subjects each so precious”

“Didn’t you say that it was meant as a congratulations for the hard work you’ve done”

“The head of the research lab used to talk about that kind of crap.”

The head of the research lab said he was always grateful for Maxim’s hard work, and explained to him the use of the specimen in detail.

“The subjects were brainwashed to have a high degree of loyalty, so they asked me to use it to guard and monitor the space.”

Like a guard.

“It was definitely suspicious.”


Seeing him answering with a somewhat happy expression, the attendant showed a troubled look.

“If the lab really sends the subjects under your supervision, nothing will happen.

We’ll set sail tomorrow and deliver the slaves safely.”

But if they were sent for testing, all the slaves would die.

For example, if the subjects were human weapons designed for killing.

Maxim was planning to experiment with the lab’s plot right now.

“Haha, let’s screw some of those bastards.

If the experimental materials evaporate on their own, they’ll shed tears of blood because it’s a waste.”

The attendant sighed and said.

“The research lab probably didn’t expect that the Guild Master would come out like this.”

“Of all people, blame the stupid brain for trying to use me.”

Maxim chuckled and shook off the ashes.

“Oh, watch out for the little boat.”

In his mind, he wanted to hurt it, but he still had to keep the goods.

“Then I’m going to play.”

“But, Guild Master.

It’s okay to stop at this point…”

“Oho, if I’m said I’m going, I’m going.”

Maxim waved his hand and walked out.

The attendant, who was left alone, sighed and followed after him with a somewhat uneasy expression on his face.

– Wait, rabbit.

Aria stiffened her body at the sweet whisper.

It was embarrassing that her cheeks instantly flushed.

However, there was also an unknown feeling of anxiety.

‘Are you telling me to believe you or not’

It was quite vague

It was when Aria was rubbing her flaming ears and cheeks with her fingers.

Suddenly, people flocked to the empty deck.


As she lightly expressed her doubts, they continued to push in and the deck was filled with people.

“What’s wrong”, Vincent asked.

“The deck of the ship is full of people.

I think they were taken into slavery.”

“Oh, was that a person”

He said with his eyes wide open.

Even with glasses on, Vincent’s eyesight was so bad.

“You seem to have solved it well”

Well, of course. Vincent, who had not been worried about anything from the beginning, shrugged his shoulders and spit out a yawn.

He wanted to go in and go to sleep.

“I can’t see Lloyd…”

Aria scanned through the slaves.

But no matter how much she searched, his face was not visible.

– Lloyd Lloyd!

In addition, the message was cut off.

Sensing that the situation was unusual, she closed her eyes and focused her attention.

Rarely, the voices of the slaves could be heard.

“It’s … right.



“A monster that is as bad as…”

“I’m going to die… too.”

It’s too far away so she can’t hear it very well.

As she was frowning and listening as much as possible,

Someone cried in a loud voice.

“Help! Descendant of Atlantis!”

It was Ted.

“Grand Prin…! No, that person is in trouble!”

Ted couldn’t reveal the identities of the two in front of a lot of people, so he made it vague.

He screamed so loud that the slaves standing next to him covered their ears.

“Um I think I hear someone shouting something.”

Even Vincent reacted.

Aria grew pale as she heard that Lloyd was in trouble, then she muttered with a grim, hardened face.

“…Song of Dawn.”


“A dimly dawning light.”

Vincent, who tilted his head at the sound like floating clouds, responded naturally.


The light of hope.”

Aria took a deep breath in her.

And she cried like a raging wave with a force that had been drawn to the limit.

“Fly, my thoughts, on wings of gold;

go settle upon the slopes and the hills!”


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