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Chapter 1

“Aria, my angel.”

The Emperor spoke desperately

“Hurry up and save me.”

Save what.

The son of a Deity was hoping to be saved by a monster.

It was a funny sight, even though all her laughter has dried up.

Aria stared past the bird cage at the extended hand, unmoving.

“Hurry and sing!”


“Aria! If you dont sing now, Ill make sure youll never be able to walk again.”

The Emperor roared like a beast.

He got angry, sad, laughed, then threatened me.

In the end, he fell on his knees and begged.

He had gone completely insane.

“Please sing.

Miss Siren.

Please show us your mercy.”

“We beg you, Miss Siren……”

Even the dancers present there, begged, falling to their face while rubbing their hands together.

It was only a few months ago that these people used to behave coquettishly and mockingly towards Aria.

The conductors, the musicians who were playing the instruments, and even the Knights guarding the Emperor were all holding their breath just waiting for the Siren to open her mouth and sing.


At that moment, Aria coughed out blood.

She coughed and coughed until her whole dress was covered in blood.

Her heart clenched.


‘Im going to die soon.

Aria laughed.


She can now welcome eternal rest.

Her tightly closed lips finally opened.

“Come, oh sweet death.”

Her overworked, rough voice cut through the air like a knife.

The silent atmosphere fell like a blanket as Aria began to sing softly.

Nobody could take their eyes off her, it was as though they forgot how to breathe.

“Come quickly and guide me into the arms of peace.”

“Oh my God…….”

Somebody in the crowd smiled while shedding tears.

The song started calmly, floating in the air like warm sunlight, touching their hearts and wrapping the crowd gently, sweetly comforting.

“Because I have become tired of this world.”

The song was a deeply religious song sung by those who hoped to go to heaven after death.

However, with Arias dark and deep tone it sounded like a completely different song, as if it was a sensual whisper of the devil.

“Come, oh blessed rest!”

The once sweet and calm comforting song suddenly became like sweet poison making everybody gasp and ensnared their hearts violently.


The raspy voice formed a chain around their ankles and dragged them into a swamp.

Into the swamp of the netherworld, Into the swamp of death, Into the swamp of hell.

Arias voice became even rougher, springing and spreading all around.

“I am waiting for you!”

This wasnt a song but a scream, a cry for help.

She begged the Deities who gave up on her, then she cursed them, gave up on them, then begged again….

In the end, letting go of everything, collapsing.

“Hurry and come close my eyes.”

If the Deities werent going to come, she hoped that at least the devil would appear and take her away.


The Emperor fell to the ground on his knees and started to choke.

Blood rushed to his eye.

He was in so much pain, it was as though his heart was being pulled out of his chest.

“Oh blessed rest, come!”

The song had just come to an end.

With it, the ceremony of trying to summon the devil had also ended.

The Emperor let out heavy breaths, its as if he had just escaped being choked to death.

His whole body was shaking and covered in sweat.

‘W-What on earth was……

Looking around him, most of the people present there had fainted.

Some knights, who were still a little conscious, were drawing their swords trying to end their own life.

The Emperors blood ran cold.

If he happened to have a sword on him, he might have also been like them, trying to end his own life because the pain was

too much to handle.


Fear that rose from the overwhelming difference of power.

“This wench, you dare…..”

His fear suddenly turned into anger.

“You dare attempt to kill me!”

Being the only remaining Siren, He took care of her.

But, there was a limit to his patience.

“I saved you from burning to death, yet this is how you pay me for my kindness”

TL/N: sigh…throw yourself off a cliff and do us all a favour ^^

The Emperor murmured grimly.

A Siren should just be able to sing and nothing else.

“Today is the day I will break your will.

I will make you obey me.”

He grabbed a knights sword and moved forward, towards the cage.

Just like a bird who had been trapped in its bird cage for so long, it can only gain freedom after its death.

Aria was also looking forward to her death and freedom.

She slowly closed her eyes.

‘Sweet death, blessed rest.

It was then.

The doors of the Emperors chambers suddenly opened.

“You were singing so desperately.”

Aria opened her eyes and slowly raised her head.

Hollow grey eyes were staring at her.

“The Grand Duke Valentine…

The man who was said to have sold his soul to the devil.

The man who wasnt supposed to be here was walking towards her, with death following him.

He left red shoe prints with each step he took.

‘Hes really here.

Aria could not believe it.

The Grand Duke lightly brushed down the sword that had been soaked in blood making it splatter everywhere like rain droplets

“If you were hoping to be saved by the devil,”

The bloodstained palace resembling a graveyard, became completely still.

“Then Ill give you what you want.”

The devil killed the Emperor.

“Looks like youve found your blessed peace.”

He spoke indifferently.

Taking the key from the deceased Emperors arms, he moved towards Arias bird cage.

Soon, the sound of the cages door being opened could be heard.


The devil stood there, in front of the chandelier with a thousand colors, shining brightly.

Light fell on his face making his eyes shine brighter than the moon.

‘Like a light shining through a dark tunnel.

Aria, for the first time, ever realized that a human beings eyes could be this pretty.

“Your bird cage has been opened.

Get up and fly away.”

That was the memory of being saved that could never be forgotten.

Aria blankly stared at her legs that were free from chains, and

raised her head.

‘Grand Duke Valentine…..!

The traitor that killed the Emperor.

Her saviour.

The bird cage had opened, and just like the Grand Dukes words, if she had wings, she wanted to fly up in the air.


“I cant fly anywhere.”

Aria smiled bitterly while crying.

Shes dying anyway.

‘Just please kill me.

It was when she was about to open her mouth to make a final request.

Unbelievable pain took over her, it was as though someone had stabbed her over and over with a knife.

Arias vision darkend.

“Were you a bird who has already lost its wings”

The Grand Dukes gaze briefly turned menacing.

“Siren, I heard that people go crazy if they heard you sing.”

Arias body collapsed on the floor, she was slowly losing consciousness, her body slowly freezing.

The Grand Duke held the dying Aria in his arms, saying.

“Then I guess it wont affect me because Im already crazy.”


“If theres a limit to ones madness, then I want you to prove it.”

If you have something to say, then you can whisper it to me.

The devil smirked while carrying her and heading off to some place.

Aria closed her eyes while she was in the devils arms.


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