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"Who are you" Being intercepted by someone, Gu Heng became alert.

"Me My name is Lin Tian." Lin Tian said casually.

"Lin Tian" Gu Heng was a little skeptical about this name, he had heard of it somewhere.

After thinking for a moment, he remembered it.

"Heh, you are a vain second generation, are you thinking of becoming a hero who saves beauty" Gu Heng said with a sneer.

He knew Lin Tian was the second generation of the Yang family, rumors had it that he was a person with no cultivation base.

Hearing this, Lin Tian didn't say anything, he didn't need to waste his energy speaking for this dead person in front of him.

Lin Tian gave off a very strong aura, even the surrounding pillars looked like they were about to collapse.

Then he raised his right hand, and two stones suddenly floated in front of him 

Seeing and feeling the aura emitted by Lin Tian, ​​Gu Heng instantly froze, even Han Xiaoyu who was on his shoulders fell to the ground.


"In the next life, be a good person." Seeing Gu Heng's frightened face, Lin Tian said coldly.

After that, one of the floating stones suddenly pierced the air rapidly towards Gu Heng with a loud sound. 

"No! I can't believe it!"

Seeing the stone flying towards him, Gu Heng roared.

Gu Heng didn't stay still, he used his strongest defensive technique. It could be seen that he was enveloped in a black-colored aura that looked like a shield.


The flying rock hit his shield and produced a bomb-like explosion.

The shield instantly shattered and he bounced back and crashed into a building.

Not long, suddenly another flying stone hit his body until it penetrated.


As the stone pierced through his body, he was seriously injured.

The power of the stone directly shattered his meridians.



As his dantian was broken, Gu Heng spat out a mouthful of blood and fell to the ground.

"Th-this is a supernatural power, this kind of power can only be used by the martial emperor, cough cough!" 

"So, you deceived a lot of people, saying that you are vain, but you are a pretending lion being a pig, ​​you are so cunning!" Gu Heng looked at Lin Tian with a horrified look as he wiped the blood from his mouth.


"Martial emperor"

On the other hand, far behind Lin Tian's fight with Gu Heng, Han Tao and Old Wang who witnessed this scene were dumbfounded.

The two of them had arrived here after feeling the intense battle aura nearby, without a second thought, they came here and saw this.

They couldn't believe his ears.

But Gu Heng said that Lin Tian was a martial emperor realm cultivator

Could it be that Lin Tian had hidden his talent all along Many rumors were saying that Lin Tian was a sleeping lion many people didn't believe it.

However, Han Tao and Old Wang who saw this scene with their own eyes, couldn't deny that Lin Tian was indeed hiding his talent.


"No, even the emperor Qin Congzhen couldn't reach the martial emperor realm at this young age, he is at least 30 years old to reach the martial emperor realm, but looking at you, you are not more than 20 years old and have already stepped into the martial emperor realm." Gu Heng said bitterly.

"If I can't break the records of the predecessors, how can I surpass the predecessors" Lin Tian looked at Gu Heng and said indifferently.

"Surpass the predecessors I didn't expect there to be someone with talent as against the heavens as you, I have felt the threat from you before, but I thought it was just an illusion, who was only a martial king dared to fight a martial emperor, I deserved to die. " Gu Heng said with regret.

"I will give you instant death." Lin Tian said indifferently.

Lin Tian raised his right hand lightly, and Gu Heng who was on the ground burned with a red-colored flame.

The fire looked so hot, even in just seconds, Gu Heng was scorched and turned to ashes.


[Ding, congratulations to the host for killing Gu Heng, and changing the trajectory of fate, you got 60 villain points]

A system prompt sounded in his mind not long after Gu Heng's death.

"Well, this is quite a lot more than before." Lin Tian is quite satisfied with the villain points that he got.

[Ding, the system can be upgraded Requirements: 100 villain points, the newest feature: The host can rob the protagonist's luck]

"What" Hearing the system prompt again, Lin Tian was slightly surprised.

Lin Tian knew it, the most important thing in the protagonist's success in reaching the pinnacle of life was not strength or strong martial techniques.

Rather luck, luck was very strange, you could say it was a privilege that was inborn and could not be changed.

If a person is destined to have low luck, then he will always be unlucky, and if a person has great luck, he will always be lucky in his life.

For example Ye Chen, without luck he wouldn't be made a disciple by a powerful cultivator, he wouldn't be able to survive the numerous assassination attempts of his enemies.

Therefore the most important thing in this world is luck.

Lin Tian was also very happy with the new features of the system.

With a lot of luck that he can rob, he will become like the protagonist, any danger will not be a threat, even he will be loved by heaven.


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