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Seeing all his money falling into the sewer, Ye Chen frowned.

"Aren't you the one with no eyes" Ye Chen looked at Lin Tian, and said with a frown.

"Looks like your mother didn't teach you about manners, you were busy counting money without looking at the road, don't you think you were wrong" Lin Tian sneered.

Ye Chen was silent for a moment, then said:

"Okay it's my fault, but you have to pay all the money back."

"What It's your fault, why do I have to pay back your money" Lin Tian frowned.

"You have bumped into me, and all my money is now gone, do you know how hard it is to make money" Ye Chen looked at Lin Tian ​​and said.

"Does a gambler like you deserve to say that" Lin Tian sneered.

"What" Hearing this, Ye Chen frowned, he felt offended.

"Even though I'm a rich man, I'd rather give my money to a poor person than a gambler like you."

"After all, you are still young, and if you are poor, don't gamble, find a job." Lin Tian looked at Ye Chen, and said.

"Brother, isn't what you said outrageous" Ye Chen frowned, and said.

"There are a lot of people out there who look just like you, they're all trash." Lin Tian said condescendingly.

"I don't know why you said that to me, even though I don't think the matter is that serious."

"But what you said offended me, so don't blame me if I use violence." Ye Chen looked at Lin Tian, ​​and said coldly.

"Do you want to fight I will serve you, after all cleaning up trash like you is a good deed." Lin Tian smirked.

"Good, a second-generation like you is trash after all." Ye Chen said while doing a stance.


Ye Chen lunged at him.

But the moment before Ye Chen launched his attack, Lin Tian first hit Ye Chen's head with all his might.


He couldn't let his guard down, even though Ye Chen's cultivation base was below him, the protagonist had many secrets and powerful techniques that could overwhelm him.

Feeling Lin Tian's punch, Ye Chen felt unconscious for a while, but he came back to his senses again, his head was very dizzy at the moment.

'This is impossible, how can he be so strong' Ye Chen thought in disbelief.

Before he was fully conscious, suddenly another fist came hitting his head.


Ye Chen staggered, and finally fainted and fell to the ground.


"What is this, so easy" Lin Tian said in confusion.

Generally, the protagonists will be very strong, and they are very hard to beat, but what is this So easy

Lin Tian squatted down and checked Ye Chen, it turned out that he had unconscious.

"Well, this is pretty good, I don't need to put in more effort." Lin Tian smirked and said.

Then he lifted Ye Chen's body and put it in the trash near the narrow alley.

Honestly, he could just kill Ye Chen right now.

But beforehand, the system warned that he couldn't kill a protagonist right away.

The system said heaven would punish him if he directly killed the protagonist.

To be honest, he was a little reluctant, after all, why was he afraid of heaven

But after being reminded many times by the system, Lin Tian finally believed it.

After all, the protagonist is the main actor in a story, if he just dies, the storyline will be chaotic.

The protagonist has a lot of luck and he is the one chosen by the heavens.

He could kill the protagonist if he had drained all their luck.

But the system also said that in the future when he had a lot of luck points, he could instantly kill a protagonist without draining his luck.


After throwing Ye Chen's body away, Lin Tian got into his car and went somewhere.

It took him 10 minutes to get here, here is a football field.

Lin Tian came here because this was where Ye Chen and the demonic cultivator fought.

Getting out of his car, he didn't see anyone there, it was very quiet here.

But he kept waiting, the demon cultivator would be here soon.


On the other hand, the venue Han Xiaoyu's birthday.

Seen someone in a suspicious green robe sitting on a guest chair.

But his eyes were currently staring at Han Xiaoyu the entire time.

'What a very thick yin aura, this kind of physical body is so rare, I didn't expect to find a body like this in this place.'

'With that body, I will quickly increase my physical strength and cultivation base quickly, it seems this is the god's way for me, Gu Heng, to tread the path of invincibility.' Gu Heng with a smirk said to himself.

Then he quietly walked calmly towards the crowd near Han Xiaoyu, with his aura concealment technique, no one noticed.

As soon as everyone didn't notice, he immediately walked over to Han Xiaoyu and covered her mouth with a cloth.

The cloth contains a poison that makes people unconscious if inhaled.

Then he lifted her onto his shoulders and ran fast.

"Han Xiaoyu was kidnapped by someone!"


"Han Xiaoyu was kidnapped!"

The screams of the people were heard.

Han Tao who heard that Han Xiaoyu was kidnapped, quickly ignored the guests he was talking to.

When he saw that Han Xiaoyu wasn't there, he panicked.

He approached the crowd of people and asked frantically.

"What You said Han Xiaoyu was kidnapped"

"Yes, earlier we saw someone in a green robe quickly carry Han Xiaoyu on his shoulders." One of them answered Han Tao's question.

"Then why don't you stop it!" Han Tao shook the person's shoulders, he was panicking at this time.

"Th-that, that person is very fast, I think he is a strong cultivator, even his running is as fast as lightning, I am only an ordinary human, how can I catch up to a cultivator." That person answered nervously, he was afraid of the terrifying aura that Han Tao gave off.

When Han Tao heard that the person who kidnapped his daughter was the person in the green robe, he remembered someone.

It was a very dangerous demonic cultivator, named Gu Heng, he had been wanted by the 6-door guild for a long time.

"Old Wang, please call Lin Hong and have him deploy the elite 6-door guilds, this is very important, hurry!" Han Tao ordered Old Wang behind him.

Old Wang is one of the servants in the Han family's house, he is quite strong, at the nascent soul realms.

"Yes sir." Old Wang nodded seriously.

Then he immediately took the phone and called Lin Hong.


"Where did the kidnapper run to" Han Tao asked one.

"That, to the east."

Han Tao couldn't stand still when Han Xiaoyu, his beloved daughter was kidnapped, he quickly caught up Gu Heng.

He was very serious now, Gu Heng was so strong, even he had once fought him, yet he lost.

Moreover, Gu Heng was a demonic cultivator, so he couldn't be late before his daughter was used as a means to increase his strength.


On the other hand.

After almost 10 minutes, Lin Tian found someone with a girl on his shoulders, no doubt that he was the demonic cultivator and Han Xiaoyu.

Lin Tian intercepted the person and said:

"Gu Heng, a demonic cultivator like you is looking to die, you even dare to kidnap the daughter of someone with high status in the 6-door guild."


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