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"Cough, please the guests to enjoy the dishes served, I will be very happy if the guests enjoy the banquet." Han Tao said to break this silence.

How not, the gift given by Lin Tian was truly too precious, even though he didn't expect this.

As a result, many of these guests were shocked and speechless, they were stunned by the gifts brought by Lin Tian.

So he hastily broke the silence, so the event wouldn't be bland.

Lin Tian just smiled lightly watching the atmosphere around, the things he is doing now are just the beginning, we will see how things will be more shocking in the future.

Upon hearing Han Tao's words, the guests also started a party-like conversation as usual.

But not a few of these guests flattered and praised Lin Tian with enthusiasm.

Lin Tian's position in the hierarchy of society was extremely high, even powerful cultivators had to respect him.

Those people weren't afraid of Lin Tian, ​​after all, who would be afraid of a youth who didn't have a cultivation base, but they were afraid of the things behind Lin Tian.

Even if the Lin family was not a cultivator family, but they controlled the economy, if they bothered Lin Tian, ​​they would have to be willing to see the news that their company had gone bankrupt.

Therefore, in Lin Tian's life, he had never been criticized or bullied by anyone before the arrival of the protagonist.

But some people were not afraid of Lin Tian's standing, they were people of equal standing with him, and most of them were second-generation from ancient families or top powers in Qin country.


Han Tao who was on the platform saw his daughter having fun with her peers, he started to approach Lin Tian calmly.

When the guest saw Han Tao approaching, the people surrounding Lin Tian also started to leave one by one.

Han Tao looked at Lin Tian and said:

"Shao Lin, ​​this Fangyuan painting is too precious, so let me buy it for the Han family, about the money maybe the Han family can't bear it, but we have the tiger forging pill and the sky dragon pill, although the value is below Fangyuan's painting, but we promise that we will repay thanks for the rest."

Hearing the Tiger forging pill and sky dragon pill, Tang Xuan and Lu Yu's eyes narrowed.

"No, Fangyuan painting was deliberately given from me purely as a gift, I didn't expect anything else." Lin Tian looked at Han Tao and said lightly.

To be honest Lin Tian gave the painting not only as a birthday present, but he also wanted Han Tao to make a good impression on him.

He would face stronger enemies in the future, with a 6 door guild by his side, that wasn't a bad thing.

On the other hand, Tang Xuan and Lu Yu were shocked by Lin Tian's refusal.

They wondered if there was something wrong with Lin Tian's head.

It was an extremely rare pill, its function was to strengthen the foundation for cultivators, and it also served to increase innate talent.

Not many people had those pills, only people with high status in the 6-door guilds could have them, because these pills were produced by the best alchemists of the 6-door guilds.

"Well if Shao Lin doesn't want it, I won't force it either." Han Tao said solemnly listening to Lin Tian's words.

He had heard rumors that Lin Tian was not a drinker, but a woman drunkard, so he took the initiative to immediately return the favor.

Han Tao was afraid that his only dear daughter would fall into the fire pit.

Moreover, coupled with Lin Tian's handsome face, any woman would be fascinated by him, and his daughter was no exception.


"Ahaha Lin Tian you are so great, you are a god! You saw Tang Xuan and Lu Yu's faces earlier, they were like withered carrots." Lu Hao walked over to Lin Tian and said in a cheerful tone.

He was so satisfied seeing Tang Xuan's frustrated face, that he didn't forget to make fun of him either.

"I told you they were both just clowns." Lin Tian said lightly.

To be honest Lin Tian didn't put Tang Xuan in his eyes, after all, he will kill him in the future.

The conversation between the two of them was continuing, they were very familiar with each other, Lu Hao did not hesitate to Lin Tian because he had been friends with him since a child.


'It's been two hours, that person will appear soon.' Lin Tian said to himself, that he was still waiting for that person to arrive.

The person Lin Tian was referring to was the demonic cultivator who was about to kidnap Han Xiaoyu.

'But before that...'

"Lin Tian, ​​where are you going" Lu Hao immediately said as he look that Lin Tian was about to stand up and leave.

"I'm going home first." Lin Tian replied lightly.

"The event isn't over yet, why do you want to go home first" Lu Hao said curiously.

"I just wanted to go home early." Lin Tian said lightly.

"Okay." Lu Hao nodded, he didn't ask anymore.


Lin Tian hurriedly came out, right now he wanted to intercept Ye Chen from running into a demon cultivator, if the two of them met, his plans would fall apart.

He swiftly drove his luxury car quickly towards somewhere.

The place is not far from the location, it only takes 10 minutes to arrive

It was a street on the outskirts of Tianhai city, there was nothing there except housing and shops.

Parked his car beside the road, Lin Tian started to get out of his car and walked to look for Ye Chen.


On the other hand, a young man had just come out of a gambling place with a lot of money in the paper bag he was carrying.

The young man with a happy face walked out, but there were several battered people near the entrance.

It was none other than Ye Chen, he had just won a gamble and earned a lot of money.

"Haha, this is a lot of money, I can eat as much as I can tonight." Ye Chen said happily.

But as he was walking, suddenly a man bumped into him and he fell to the ground.

Seeing Ye Chen fall, that person looked at Ye Chen and said:

"Are you blind"


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