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"Sister Xiaoyu, This is a Hanfu outfit specially made by the master of the Xiongfu mansion, I hope you like it." Lu Yu lifted the gift box in his hand and looked at Han Xiaoyu with a smile.

"From the Xiongfu mansion Thank you." Han Xiaoyu was surprised for a moment, then smiled back at him.

The people here couldn't help but also be surprised by the gift that Lu Yu gave.

The clothes of the Xiongfu mansion are notoriously expensive, a single pair of clothes can cost millions of yuan, moreover, these are specially designed garments from a weaving master. 

However, the high price is also accompanied by unquestionable quality.

"Lin Tian, ​​look, isn't that just the Hanfu clothes of the Xiongfu mansion Compared to your Fengyuan painting, it's like heaven and earth." Lu Hao couldn't help but sneer at Lu Yu.

Lin Tian just smiled and didn't say anything.


"Sister Xiaoyu, what I gave is a white emperor jade. I accidentally found it while on gambling stones, considering your birthday, I prefer to give it as a gift to sister Xiaoyu." As soon as Lu Yu handed over the gift, Tang Xuan took out the box and opened it directly, revealing the jade that took the shape of Han Xiaoyu's half body.

Seeing the jade statue of her, Han Xiaoyu immediately liked it.

"Thank you, this statue is very beautiful, this is the best gift I received." Han Xiaoyu looked at Tang Xuan and said with a smile.

"If sister Xiaoyu likes it, I'm also happy to hear it." Tang Xuan smiled proudly at this time.

The people who heard about the white emperor jade, opened their mouths one by one.

White emperor jade was a super rare type of jade, selling for hundreds of millions of yuan, but Tang Xuan gave it as a birthday present.

"As usual, Tang Xuan is indeed extraordinary."

"Yes, Shao Tang is very kind, he is also very handsome."

"As expected of the successor of the Tang Sect."

Exclamations of praise came from these people with enthusiasm.

Tang Xuan was currently looking at Lin Tian and Lu Hao with a provocative smile.

"Damn that Tang Xuan, Lin Tian, ​​we must not lose, you are currently my only hope." Lu Hao was currently very annoyed with Tang Xuan.

"There's no need to rush." Lin Tian was very calm, he only thought of Tang Xuan as a clown.


"Come on, it's our turn to play." Lin Tian patted Lu Hao's shoulder and started walking toward the platform.

"Shao Lin."

"Shao Lu."

As Lin Tian and Lu Hao walked over, many people began to greet them in a friendly manner.

They are currently waiting for this surprise gift brought by Lin Tian, Tang Xuan and Lu Yu brought a luxurious gift, Lin Tian should have also given an equally luxurious gift.


"Shao Lin, ​​you've finally come too, I'm really curious what gifts you brought." Tang Xuan said in a provocative tone with a smile.

"Don't worry, you won't be disappointed." Lin Tian said Indifferently.

"Lin Tian, ​​let me give the gift first, a super gift should be given last." Lu Hao said to Lin Tian.

Lu Hao knew that the contents of Lin Tian's box were Fengyuan's paintings, if Lin Tian gave it to her first, it wouldn't look special.

"Okay, you go first." Lin Tian also knew what was in Lu Hao's mind.

"Shao Hao, what gift did you give Is it a doll or a car key Do you think Han Xiaoyu will like it" Seeing the small box that Lu Hao brought, Tang Xuan couldn't help but laugh.

"Who said this is a doll This is the key to the villa located near the Hulong waterfall in Qinghai city." Lu Hao looked at Tang Xuan then turned to Han Xiaoyu and said with a smile.

"Near Hulong Falls Thank you." Hearing this, Han Xiaoyu showed interest and said with a smile.

"It's okay sister Xiaoyu, as long as you like it." Lu Hao smiled.

Tang Xuan only smiled faintly at this, Lu Hao's gift was still lower than his.

Tang Xuan was so confident, that there couldn't be someone who brought a better gift than him.

What if the Lin family was stronger, the white emperor jade was a rare item that could be found only with luck, there was no way the Lin family could buy it with just money.


At this time Lin Tian walked toward the platform.

Han Xiaoyu looked at Lin Tian in a daze, she looked at him with her eyes for a few seconds and found that Lin Tian was very handsome.

She had met Lin Tian several times, although it was not a face-to-face meeting, but she could see that Lin Tian was now much more handsome than before.

"The gift I gave was just a painting." Lin Tian came to the platform and said casually.

"Shao Tian, ​​is the painting a rare item, or is it expensive" Lu Yu looked at Lin Tian with a smile.

"No, the painting I gave is a Fengyuan painting." Lin Tian answered him calmly.

"Fengyuan painting" Upon hearing those words, many people suddenly fell silent for a moment.

"Shao Lin, ​​is the painting by Sage Zhen or by Tianranzi" Lu Yu said doubtfully.

"Nonsense, of course the painting was originally made by Sage Zhen." Lu Hao sneered.

"Why don't you just open the gift box." This time Tang Xuan said but with a somewhat ugly expression.

"Why not" Lin Tian smiled faintly, and started to open the contents of the box, revealing the Fengyuan painting.

The painting is a landscape, with green hills with a waterfall beside it, the painting is very detailed, even the painted insects are visible.

After seeing the painting, no one doubted whether it was genuine or not.

Everyone was very surprised by the gift that Lin Tian brought, the paintings by Sage Zhen were famous for being very beautiful and had a philosophy in them.

The price is also very expensive, even people who have a painting by Sage Zhen, choose to make it a family inheritance.

The Sage Zhen is a Sage who dedicates himself to painting, but even though he loves to paint, he never paints without a reason.


"Lin Tian, ​​this gift is too expensive, I don't dare to accept it, you should take it back." Han Xiaoyu felt bad at this time, although she also wanted it, she felt that it was too much.

"Xiaoyu, I won't take the gift I gave to you, after all, look at uncle Han Tao's expression, he looks excited doesn't he" Lin Tian smiled and pointed at Han Tao when he heard Han Xiaoyu's words.

"Cough." Han Tao was currently a little embarrassed, so he coughed dryly.

"Um, well, thank you brother Lin for the gift you gave." Han Xiaoyu smiled sweetly at this time.

"It is nothing." Lin Tian said lightly.

Then Lin Tian got off the platform and looked at Tang Xuan with a triumphant look.

Tang Xuan's current expression was very gloomy, he was trying very hard to obtain the white emperor jade, but now when compared to Fengyuan's painting, it was like heaven and earth.

Moreover, when Han Xiaoyu called Lin Tian by brother's name, it made him even more gloomy.

pan,da nv,el He had liked Han Xiaoyu for a long time, he even gave her various good things to get her to be attracted to him.

But right now his mind was shattered by Lin Tian, ​​he hated him to the bone.


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