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"Young master Lin is here, please come in." A middle-aged maid in formal attire said politely.

Entering the Han family residence, there is a fairly large field, which can accommodate at least 100 people.

Everything here looks very luxurious, the trees are neatly decorated, and some of the buildings of the Han family look beautiful.

Then there are many dining tables and chairs neatly arranged.

Everyone here is wearing formal suits, everyone looks happy while eating the dishes served at the table.

Then there is a large platform located in the front, which looks like it's a place for the handover of gifts and the hosts.


"Lin Tian, ​​why did you come late." Just as Lin Tian was about to go around to find an acquaintance, suddenly a familiar voice rang in his ears.

He turned around and saw a young man in his 20s walking toward him.

The young man was no one else than his friend, Lu Hao.

"The host hasn't come yet, and the event hasn't officially started either, why did you come so early." Lin Tian watched Lu Hao walk over and said with a smile.

"Haha, actually I also wanted to come a little late, but my stomach won't allow it, there's a lot of delicious food here, of course I have to enjoy it." Lu Hao said while eating the boiled shrimp in his hand.

"Hahaha, actually I am quite impressed with you, you often eat a lot but your stomach never looks bloated, it seems you are a special person." Lin Tian just smiled and patted Lu Hao's shoulder.

They are very close, it can be seen from their conversation.

"Oh Lin Tian, ​​what gifts did you bring today" Lu Hao suddenly asked.

"It's nothing special, you'll find out later." Lin Tian replied.

"Haha, I hope your gift is not worse than mine, but I saw earlier that Tang Xuan And Lu Yu brought a gift that looks special. Lin Tian, ​​don't lose to them okay" Lu Hao said.

Hearing Tang Xuan and Lu Yu's names, Lin Tian was no stranger to them, they were second-generation who had quite a strong background.

Lin Tian was not familiar with them, each of them had their arrogance.


"I saw earlier that Tang Xuan brought a very valuable gift, it is a white emperor type jade." 

"Lin Tian, ​​what gifts did you bring If it's lower than white emperor jade, you know Tang Xuan will underestimate us." Lu Hao was currently a little panicked, he only brought things that might be commonplace according to these top families, so he could only hope in Lin Tian.

"Looks like he's quite serious about this." Lin Tian said lightly.

Lin Tian was no stranger to Tang Xuan, he was a very annoying person.

In this world setting, he also often helped Ye Chen.

Of course he wouldn't let Tang Xuan live so easily, whoever helped the protagonist had to die.


"Have you ever heard of the Fengyuan Painting" Lin Tian sighed, then looked at Lu Hao and said.

"W-what Fengyuan painting Lin Tian, ​​don't joke okay." Lu Hao couldn't believe Lin Tian's words.

"Have I, Lin Tian ever used imitation products" Lin Tian said Indifferently.

"What Lin Tian, ​​are you serious Please don't joke." Lu Hao still couldn't believe it.

"Fengyuan painting is from my mother, do you believe it now" Lin Tian sighed and said.

"So it's from an aunt, then it's fine." Lu Hao was a little relieved at this point.

While they were still chatting, two young men came up to them.

"Shao Lin, ​​Shao Lu, how are you guys"

(Nb: Shao is a nickname for people with high status)

The two of them looked to be around their 20s, they were none other than Tang Xuan and Lu Yu.

"Tang Xuan, Lu Yu, why are you here Aren't you guys enjoying the praise of those licking dogs" Lu Hao sneered when he saw the two of them walking closer.

"Haha how can they be compared to the two of you, my enemies today are you guys, I don't know what gifts you brought today." Tang Xuan looked at Lin Tian and Lu Hao, then laughed.

"Hmph Tang Xuan, do you think I don't know The gift you brought today is a white emperor Jade isn't it" Lu Hao looked at Tang Xuan and said with a sneer.

"So Shao Lu has found out, then, I don't know what gifts you brought." Tang Xuan said as he narrowed his eyes.

"Hmph, you don't need to know, for sure it won't disappoint Han Xiaoyu." Lu Hao said confidently with a smile.

The debate between the two of them was still ongoing.

But on the other hand, Lu Yu looked at Lin Tian in front of him, he felt something strange about Lin Tian.

Feeling being stared at by Lu Yu, Lin Tian only smiled faintly.

Lin Tian felt that something was interesting about Lu Yu.

"Tang Xuan, let's end this conversation, let's go." Being stared back at by Lin Tian, ​​Lu Yu felt bad, so he decided to leave.

"Shao Lin, ​​Shao Lu, looks like we didn't have a good conversation at this time, let's end it."

After speaking, Tang Xuan and Lu Yu left.

"Bah, these two bastards are annoying, especially Tang Xuan, it's good that I have you today, otherwise I'll be finished this time." After the two of them left, Lu Hao smiled as he patted Lin Tian's shoulder.

"They're both just clowns, don't worry about it." Lin Tian said with a faint smile.


After tens of minutes, Han Xiaoyu, and her father, Han Tao, this time's host finally came.

"I'm Han Tao, very grateful to all of you for attending my little girl's birthday celebration party." Han Tao said on the platform.

He said without using a speaker or any other device, but everyone here could hear his voice.

No wonder, he was at the 6th level of the nascent soul realm, so he easily spoke in a loud voice.

"Patriarch Han is serious."

"It's an honor for me to come here."

"It is an honor to be invited by the patriarch."

When Han Tao's voice fell, many people began to praise him enthusiastically.

Han Tao has a high position in the 6-door guild, and he is also a reliable businessman, no wonder many people respect him.


"Han Xiaoyu is indeed worthy of being called a goddess, today she looks very beautiful, don't you think she will accept me if I propose to her" Lu Hao looked at Han Xiaoyu with amazed eyes.

Hearing Lu Hao's words, Lin Tian just smiled and said nothing.

Han Xiaoyu was indeed very beautiful, but Lin Tian was not interested in her.

Han Xiaoyu's beauty did not interest him, even with her special physique, she was like an ordinary girl in his eyes.


Right now Han Tao had finished saying his welcome words, now many young men were giving their gifts to Han Xiaoyu.

Of course, their goal is not only to give gifts, they also want to be noticed by Han Xiaoyu.

No way, they couldn't resist the temptation of Han Xiaoyu's beauty charm.

Many of them hoped to be liked by Han Xiaoyu, but Han Xiaoyu only accepted these gifts lightly and calmly.


After receiving more than a dozen gifts, Han Xiaoyu saw Tang Xuan and Lu Yu walking over with the gift boxes.

They both caught the attention of the people around them.

These people were curious as to what kind of gift the two of them would give to Han Xiaoyu.

After all Tang Xuan and Lu Yu were talented youths and came from top families, their gifts were invaluable.


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