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Ye Chen came to Longbo mountain, he came right to the cliff ruins.

He had come here after receiving some instructions from his master, one of which was the dragon vein treasure map.

But after he came here, he just got ruins.

The dragon veins have been taken by someone!

"Where's the treasure I've been looking for it for a week." Ye Chen said frantically.

Looking around, he didn't feel anything good, he felt the search he had been doing all this time was in vain.

How not, his master said that it was a treasure that could increase his cultivation base and even talent.

"Ugh, looks like I'm out of luck, I need to calm myself down. I'm sure I'll get better than this." Ye Chen sighed and said optimistically.

Although he didn't know who took the treasure, looking around, it could be seen that this cliff was crushed with a blow.

Perhaps the person who took this treasure was a martial king.

Even so, he was not afraid, his cultivation base was the peak nascent soul realm.

But if he fought a martial king, he was sure he could win.

It was because he had many powerful and hidden techniques taught by his master.

"I'd better go back and ask Tang Xuan to investigate this." Ye Chen said lightly.

Tang Xuan.

He was his friend, Tang Xuan was the son of the patriarch of the Tang family, one of the top families in Qin country.

Ye Chen cured Tang Xuan's grandfather's illness, that's why he had a good relationship with the Tang family, especially Tang Xuan, he already considered him his brother.

After that, he left Longbo Mountain.


Tianhai City, in Lin Tian's villa.

Time passed quickly, and the night ended.

That night Lin Tian absorbed the dragon veins and ate two Tianxi fruits, he did not give the treasure to his father or mother.

Maybe his mother or father will be suspicious of where he got the treasure, he is too lazy to explain at length.

After absorbing those two treasures, he felt his strength increase, he even faintly felt that his cultivation talent had increased a little.

To be honest, it was a little different from what he thought, he thought these two treasures had little impact on him.

But after absorbing it all, he felt stronger than before.

Of course it is very good, he is very satisfied now.


Riiing riing~

His cell phone rang on his bed.

Lin Tian picked up the phone and looked at the caller id, it was Lu Hao.

Seeing this name, Lin Tian instantly knew who he was.

He is the eldest son of the Lu family patriarch, one of the top families in Tianhai city.

In his memory, the relationship between him and Lu Hao was very good, the two often went to the bar together, and often had fun, Lu Hao also did not like to cultivate which was very suitable for him.

"Lin Tian, ​​where are you" Lu Hao's voice was heard after he received the call.

"I just woke up, yesterday I was quite tired, so I slept more." Lin Tian replied lightly.

"Oh my God! Have you forgotten today's event" Lu Hao's voice complained.

"Oh, what's that" Lin Tian asked curiously.

"Lin Tian, ​​you are a noble who forgets many things, today is the Han family daughter's 18th birthday." Lu Hao replied.

"Birthday event Han family" Lin Tian suddenly remembered something when he heard Lu Hao's words.

She is called Han Xiaoyu, the youngest daughter of the Han family, one of the top families in Tianhai city.

"Okay I understand, you can come first, I need to prepare then come over." Lin Tian said.

"Okay fine, I was planning to pick you up, but considering that while waiting for you to take a shower, I prefer to wait for girls to dress up, bye." Along with Lu Hao's words, the calls also stopped.

Lin Tian just smiled and shook his head hearing this, indeed he has a bad habit, he took a long bath, but at this time he got rid of that habit.

Not because of anything else, it's because he likes cleanliness, especially personal hygiene.


Lin Tian took a shower, after which he put on a luxurious suit.

He couldn't miss this birthday party, because later when the event was almost over, there would be a tragedy.

Han Xiaoyu has a special physique, a pure yin physique.

At that time there was a demonic cultivator who happened to be there, knowing Han Xiaoyu's special physique, he kidnapped her.

But the kidnapping was thwarted by Ye Chen.

After that, Ye Chen earned the respect of Han Xiaoyu's father and grandfather, he even became a special guest.

And because Han Xiaoyu's grandfather had a high position in the 6-door guild, Ye Chen became a special guest and took the 6-door guild as his support.

The 6-door Guild itself was one of the top powers in Qin country, it was similar to a sect, but it was more formal.


At noon, 40 minutes before the event started, Lin Tian went from his villa to the Han family residence in a sports car.

The distance is not too far, after 15 minutes of driving, he arrived at the location.

Parked the car, he got out and handed the invitation letter to the guard.


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