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After 5 minutes, Lin Tian and Tian Yangzi arrived at an empty lot 10 miles away from his villa.

After arriving here, Tian Yangzi looked at Lin Tian and said:

"Lin Tian, ​​you are not my opponent, although your talent is very rare, but your cultivation time is too short, you are also inexperienced."

"You talk too much, if you underestimate me, you will die in three breaths." Lin Tian looked at Tian Yangzi and said coldly.

"Kill me in three breaths You are ridiculous, even a peerless monster like Ling Donglai, can't kill me in 3 breaths." Tian Yangzi sneered when he heard Lin Tian's words.

"Because I am not Ling Donglai. I will kill you in 3 breaths." Lin Tian looked at Tian Yangzi and said with a cold smile.

After speaking, Lin Tian moved.

Like teleportation, Lin Tian crossed a distance of 10 meters and arrived in front of Tian Yangzi.


"How could that be." Tian Yangzi's expression changed when he saw Lin Tian suddenly appear before him.

Tian Yangzi quickly flipped his palm, and suddenly a green-colored jade appeared in his palm.

But before Tian Yangzi made a move, Lin Tian first made a move.

Lin Tian did a stance like fighting.

In Lin Tian's fist, the air seemed to crack, and there was black mysterious energy around it.

The air seemed to be distorted around his fist as if the air was being torn apart.

"Demon God punch!"

Lin Tian aimed his terrifying punch at Tian Yangzi quickly.

Tian Yangzi's expression changed when he saw this.

He didn't have time to operate Fengshui, so he could only withstand Lin Tian's attack.


Lin Tian's terrifying punch hit Tian Yangzi, and the sound of bone cracking could be heard.


With a loud bang, Tian Yangzi's body was flung far away, falling to the ground.

"Cough!" Tian Yangzi coughed up blood while holding his body, he was in a lot of pain.

He felt that all of his organs were injured, even he felt that some of his organs were crushed.


"You're right, you can withstand my fist without dying." Lin Tian exclaimed with some admiration when he saw Tian Yangzi was still breathing.

The technique he aimed at Tian Yangzi earlier was one of Mo Xie's strongest punching techniques, the demon God punch.

But Lin Tian added something to the technique, he used the demon God punch technique along with the earthquake punch, you could say it was stronger than the attack he had launched on Ling Donglai.

Just using the earthquake punch alone had already injured Ling Donglai, who was at the peak of the martial emperor.

Moreover, Tian Yangzi who was far below the peak level must have been seriously injured.

However, Lin Tian was quite amazed that Tian Yangzi's physical strength could withstand his attacks without dying.

It could only be said that Tian Yangzi was truly worthy of being Ye Chen's master, the protagonist. Even the master is hard to kill, let alone the protagonist


"This power, impossible! How can there be a monster like you in this world You are less than twenty years old, and having this much power, it is impossible!" Tian Yangzi who was lying on the ground looked at Lin Tian in disbelief and terror.

His body was now covered in blood and he also felt excruciating pain.

"Now you see the monster." Lin Tian said coldly.

"No wonder Ling Donglai has a good relationship with you, it turns out that you have this much power. You are so strong, why do you want to kill Ye Chen He is an ant in your eyes, why" Tian Yangzi said weakly.

"He provoked me, I don't care who it is, whether it's an ant or whatever, if anyone provokes me, I will kill him." Lin Tian said with a cold smile.

"Okay, you don't need to buy time, are you looking for this" Lin Tian raised his right hand, he was holding a green-colored object.

It was none other than the previous Tian Yangzi jade.

Seeing the jade in Lin Tian's hands, Tian Yangzi's eyes shrank, and there was a hint of despair on his face.

"You are a Fengshui master, the nickname of your feng shui god too I never doubted it, did you think I would let my guard down" Lin Tian looked at Tian Yangzi and said with a grin.

Lin Tian picked up the jade when he attacked Tian Yangzi, when Lin Tian aimed his punch at Tian Yangzi, he quickly took the jade.

The jade is an ancient thing that has magical power, it can increase the strength of a feng shui master, and the power of the jade is not below the divine mystery array.

Therefore Lin Tian took it from Tian Yangzi's hands, it would be troublesome if Tian Yangzi held this thing and operated it.


,m "You have that much power, do you need to be wary of my little feng shui power" Tian Yangzi said desperately.

He was initially quite confident that he could run away from here using the jade, however, his hopes were crushed when he saw that the jade was in Lin Tian's hands.

"I don't want any mistakes. Don't worry, you will die today and Ye Chen will catch up with you." Lin Tian smirked at Tian Yangzi and said.

"I can die today, even I will give my treasures and martial techniques to you, but please let Ye Chen live." Tian Yangzi pleaded with desperate eyes when he heard Lin Tian was going to kill Ye Chen.

"Hahaha, it's a good relationship between master and disciple. But the real target I want to kill is Ye Chen, you're just a coincidence. You don't need to know the reason." Lin Tian laughed coldly seeing Tian Yangzi plead with him.

Seeing Tian Yangzi willingly sacrifice for the sake of Ye Chen, made Lin Tian sick.

In this world's previous setting, Tian Yangzi wouldn't know how it felt like his family was destroyed, his parents were killed, and he died in the end.

And now that he saw that Tian Yangzi was pleading for Ye Chen's sake, Lin Tian had no other desire but to kill Tian Yangzi and Ye Chen.


After that, Lin Tian raised his right hand, and a large white palm-shaped energy appeared above Tian Yangzi.

Seeing this, Tian Yangzi just looked at Lin Tian with desperate eyes, he was already very desperate after hearing that Lin Tian wanted to kill him and his disciple, Ye Chen.

And now that he saw that palm-shaped energy above him, he had already given up, he knew he was going to die.

It feels like he got cursed, his disciple whom he loved brought disaster to him.

Lin Tian waved his hand, and the palm-shaped energy descended rapidly hitting Tian Yangzi's body.


The palm-shaped energy shattered Tian Yangzi's body, the sound of bones shattering was heard, and blood spurted out splattered.

Now Tian Yangzi looks pitiful, his body, hands, and feet are crushed, and now only his head is left.

Lin Tian looked at this with cold and merciless eyes, he looked extremely vicious at the moment, as a serial killer, killing expressionlessly.

"You have died, and now it is your disciple's turn, Ye Chen." Lin Tian looked at the dead Tian Yangzi lying on the ground with cold eyes and said coldly.

After that, Lin Tian used his supernatural power, then beheaded Tian Yangzi.

Lin Tian flew towards his villa carrying Tian Yangzi's head.


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