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"Lin Tian, ​​if you kill me, my master, Tian Yangzi will kill you." Ye Chen said frantically when he heard Lin Tian's words.

"You will die today, your master can't help you." Lin Tian sneered.


Ling Donglai was already preparing to kill Ye Chen, his hands emitted supernatural power in the form of red flames, and was ready to burn Ye Chen.

"Ye Chen!" But suddenly a scream came from a distance.

Hearing this voice, Ye Chen who was originally scared, now became excited and shouted:

"Master, save me!"

Ling Donglai was already preparing to attack Ye Chen.

"Wait, old Ling." However, Lin Tian immediately stopped Ling Donglai's attack when he heard the voice.

Lin Tian recognized this voice, it was Ye Chen's master, Tian Yangzi.

'Haha I'm so lucky, I didn't expect Tian Yangzi to come here. Well that's good, when Ye Chen sees his master beaten by me to death, I'm sure he will be very desperate, and I will get a lot of villain points and luck.' Lin thought with a smile in his heart.

Now let Ye Chen live in a few minutes.

Meanwhile, Ye Chen who saw Lin Tian telling Ling Donglai to stop, thought that Lin Tian was scared, and immediately showed non-stop laughter:

"Hahaha Lin Tian, ​​now it's too late, my master has come. What's wrong Why did you tell him to stop, are you afraid"

"Afraid Your master is unworthy." Lin Tian looked at Ye Chen and sneered.

If Ye Chen knew what was on Lin Tian's mind, he would feel like a clown.


Not long after, Lin Tian saw 2 people flying swiftly toward him.

"Young master, a Martial King, and Martial Emperor is approaching." Ling Donglai looked at Lin Tian and said.

"I know." Lin Tian nodded.

Lin Tian wasn't afraid, instead, he looked excited, he couldn't wait to get more villain points and luck.


Upon arriving before him, Lin Tian recognized him, he was Ye Chen's master, Tian Yangzi.

And next to him was none other than Lin Hong, the conservative head of the 6-door guild who brought Tian Yangzi to Tianhai city.

When Tian Yangzi arrived in front of Lin Tian and the others, he glanced at Ye Chen, and when he felt that Ye Chen was safe, he breathed a sigh of relief:

"Fortunately it's not too late."


"Master, I am seriously injured, save me!" Ye Chen shouted excitedly when he saw Tian Yangzi coming.

"Little friend, Ye Chen is only a junior. Why use violence to punish him" Tian Yangzi looked at Lin Tian, ​​then said.

"If someone said that he wanted to kill you and your family, what would you do" Lin Tian looked at Tian Yangzi coldly and said.

"You are a martial emperor, are you still afraid of a nascent soul" Tian Yangzi said solemnly.

"I saw this feng shui formation in my villa, do you think he doesn't deserve to die after what he has done" Lin Tian said coldly as he pointed toward the villa that belonged to him.

"I will remove that feng shui formation, at the same time, the injury that Ye Chen received can be considered as the price for offending you. The fight for the 6-door guild between us will take place after I heal my disciple." Tian Yangzi looked at Lin Tian ​​and said.

"You want to take him away with one sentence You can't, today, only his corpse can go." Lin Tian smirked as he pointed at Ye Chen with his finger.

"Don't go too far. Lin Tian, ​​don't think that by reaching the Martial Emperor realm at a young age, you think you're invincible. Sometimes strength doesn't mean everything, if you kill my disciple today, don't blame me for taking revenge when we fight." Tian Yangzi said coldly when he heard Lin Tian's words.

"Do you think I'm afraid of you" Lin Tian looked at Tian Yangzi coldly.

'Martial emperor Lin Tian was a martial emperor How is this possible!' Ye Chen was shocked in his heart when he heard Tian Yangzi's words that Lin Tian was a martial emperor.

"Master, you must be wrong, this Lin Tian has no cultivation base, he is a waste." Ye Chen refuted his thoughts and chose not to believe Tian Yangzi's words.

"Ye Chen, Lin Tian is indeed a martial emperor." Tian Yangzi looked at Ye Chen and said.

Ye Chen just felt his mind go blank when he heard Tian Yangzi's words, his master said that Lin Tian was a martial emperor

At the same time, Lin Tian's condescending voice came:

"Did you just notice You were thinking of killing me, and now see who will be killed. You're just a silly clown."

Hearing Lin Tian's words, Ye Chen felt like his brain was struck by lightning.

"In your eyes, I'm just a clown. What can a nascent soul do against a martial emperor" Ye Chen was feeling very hopeless at the moment, things weren't happening the way he wanted.

He now only hoped that Lin Tian would forgive him, with Lin Tian having people beside him, 2 martial emperors against his master, wouldn't his master lose


[Ding, Ye Chen is feeling very despair. You get 100 villain points and 20 luck points]

Hearing the system prompt in his mind, Lin Tian smiled in his heart.

'Hahaha, it's so fun to make the protagonist despair.' Lin Tian said while laughing in his heart.

How not, 100 villain points, and 20 luck points, that's quite a number.

At this rate, wouldn't he turn into the protagonist Opportunity comes, and he will be loved by heaven

Lin Tian was very satisfied.


"Weren't you injured because of Lin Tian" Tian Yangzi frowned when he heard Ye Chen's words.

"No, the person who injured me was the person beside Lin Tian, ​​he is also a martial emperor." Ye Chen shook his head and pointed at Ling Donglai beside Lin Tian.

"What He's also a martial emperor" Tian Yangzi looked directly at Ling Donglai.

Lin Hong also looked at Ling Donglai.

Upon seeing Ling Donglai's appearance, Tian Yangzi and Lin Hong felt their hearts pounding.

Ling Hong felt a little foreign, but also a little familiar, he seemed to have seen this person before.



Suddenly an image appeared in Tian Yangzi's mind, even though the person looked younger, but the frame of his face remained the same, namely the appearance of Ling Donglai.

Not only Tian Yangzi remembered it, but also Lin Hong.

The two of them stared at Ling Donglai in horror.

Finally, Lin Hong opened his mouth, looked at Ling Donglai, and said respectfully:

"Senior, are you Ling Donglai, a peak martial emperor who disappeared 100 years ago"

"Not bad." Ling Donglai nodded lightly.

Hearing Ling Donglai's words, Tian Yangzi's expression became serious.

Ling Donglai, the strongest cultivator in the world 100 years ago, although he was not born in the era of Ling Donglai sweeping the world, but he had heard the legend about Ling Donglai, he swept the underground power with his own hands, he was very strong.

Tian Yangzi did not expect to meet him, even though it was already 100 years, he was sure that Ling Donglai was still very strong, as seen from his appearance that was like a middle-aged man.


Ye Chen who was kneeling on the ground heard that the person beside Lin Tian was Ling Donglai, a peak martial emperor, he became even more despair.

His master has a cultivation base under Ling Donglai, there is also Lin Tian, ​​won't he end up here

Ye Chen's mind was about to collapse, he just stared blankly at this moment.


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