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"A martial emperor Ling Donglai Young master Song, are you sure!" When he heard Song Jie's words, Wang Hai suddenly remembered, and his expression changed drastically.

"I am very confident." Song Jie nodded solemnly.

"Is that so, it makes sense, It is not surprising that young master Lin was able to reach the martial emperor realm at such a young age, apparently there is someone extraordinary behind him. And it makes sense to have such a legendary figure as a master, considering young master Lin's incomparable talent." Wang Hai sighed.

"Senior Wang, do you know what young master Lin likes For example, paintings or whatever" Song Jie suddenly said.

"Hah" Wang Hai glanced at Song Jie.

"Senior Wang, I don't have to watch the fight between Lin Tian and Tian Yangzi to find out who the winner is. With a legendary figure like Ling Donglai as a master, Lin Tian will not lose."

"I've heard that Ling Donglai can defeat a martial emperor with just 2 moves. With that, it can be seen that his strength is very strong."

"Lin Tian is his disciple, he must have inherited Ling Donglai's unique and powerful skills, who can beat him Even though according to the news, Tian Yangzi's cultivation base is that of a 2nd level martial emperor, and he is also a feng shui master and a powerful soul expert, but I believe young master Lin can win that battle." Song Jie looked at Wang Hai and said.

"That's right, from the start I was sure that young master Lin would win, but I didn't expect that young master Lin had a master like the legendary figure Ling Donglai. With that, he will win and become the supreme leader of the 6-door guild." Wang said with a smile on his face.

Wang Hai was naturally proud that Lin Tian would become the supreme leader of the 6-door guild. With such a powerful person at the helm, who could match him

"So, senior Wang, do you know what Lin Tian likes" Song Jie looked at Wang Hai and said enthusiastically.

He couldn't pass up this opportunity, by having a good relationship with Lin Tian, ​​he would get good things in the future, It's like an investment.

"Young master Song, don't waste your time." Wang Hai sighed when he heard Song Jie's words.

"Why" Song Jie said with a question mark.

"If I had known what young master Lin liked, I would have tried to get it, but unfortunately I don't know." Wang Hai shook his head and said.

"Oh, I see." Song Jie nodded, slightly disappointed.


"Lin Tian, ​​do you have any other identities besides the young master of the Yang family and the Lin family" After exiting the auction, Lu Hao who was with Lin Tian, ​​couldn't help but be curious and asked Lin Tian.

"Huh Why are you asking this" Hearing Lu Hao's question, Lin Tian laughed.

"Song Jie, he is the 3rd son of the patriarch of the Song family, I know because I saw him with my father when discussing business. The Song family is one of the 10 ancient families that even the royal family should be polite to him. And Song Jie is a person who most prominent among the descendants of the Song family, he will likely become the patriarch of the Song family in the future."

"Lin Tian, ​​it's not that I underestimated you, honestly just relying on your identity as the young master of the Yang family and Lin family. Or even if you were the patriarch of the Yang family, Song Jie would not be so respectful. Lin Tian, ​​what exactly is your identity" Lu Hao looked at Lin Tian ​​and asked seriously.

"Alright, he respects me because I'm a martial emperor." Lin Tian said with a faint smile.

"Lin Tian, ​​don't joke with me okay If you are the martial emperor, then I am the martial king. Come on Lin Tian, ​​tell me the real reason. Does your father have a hidden super identity" When he heard Lin Tian's answer, Lu Hao immediately couldn't believe it.

"What I said is true." Lin Tian said lightly.

"Lin Tian you are unfair, I always tell you everything I know, but now when I ask, you don't tell me, I am very sad." Lu Hao looked at Lin Tian and pretended to be sad.

,m "Okay, I'll tell you in a few days." Lin Tian sighed, and shook his head.

In a few days, his true identity as a martial emperor would be revealed.

So, he didn't have to bother convincing Lu Hao of his true identity, he would believe it.

"OK." When he heard Lin Tian's words, his expression immediately changed from sad to happy.

Lin Tian shook his head.


"Then I will wait in a few days. By the way, Lin Tian, ​​do you want to come with me to the Tianxiang pavilion, there are many beautiful and sexy girls." Lu Hao looked at Lin Tian with a smile.

"I told you, I'm not interested in anyone." Lin Tian shook his head.

"Lin Tian, ​​you are weird, I used to think you were very happy when I invited you to party with beautiful girls, but now you don't want to, are you still a man" Lu Hao looked at Lin Tian with a confused look and said with a smile on his face.

"What are you talking about Of course I'm a man, it's just that right now there isn't anyone I'm interested in." Lin Tuan looked at Lu Hai, then said.

"Okay okay, then I'll go first." Lu Hao nodded and turned to leave.

After Lu Hao left, Lin Tian also went to his car with Ling Donglai, heading to his villa.


In the car, Lin Tian told Ling Donglai to check the painting and the Divine Mystery Array he just got from the auction to study it.

"Old Ling, did you find anything" Lin Tian asked.

"Young master, this compass is a pattern, and this pattern is also very powerful. Even a low-level feng shui master can cast a top-level technique using this compass, it is a treasure for feng shui master. But I don't know why the family Song doesn't recognize this kind of treasure." Ling Donglai said a little strangely.

"Maybe the Song family isn't very thorough. Then, what about the painting Is there something wrong" Lin Tian said.

"Knowing something in this painting takes time, it needs to be immersed in water to find out the mystery. And I estimate that in this painting, there is a fairly strong feng shui technique. To find out, it will take about 3 days." Ling Donglai said.

"OK." Lin Tian nodded.


After half an hour, Lin Tian arrived in front of his villa, but he did not enter immediately because he felt something strange around the villa.

Even though it didn't look strange from the outside, his feelings couldn't be wrong.

"Young Master, the Fengshui formation in this villa has changed, it is a Fengshui formation of yin and blood energy." While Lin Tian was still thinking, Ling Donglai suddenly said.

Ling Donglai closed his eyes to check further, and after a few seconds, he opened his eyes.

"Young master, I found it. The person who set up this yin and blood Fengshui formation is Ye Chen, the person who was kicked out of the auction earlier. He is so brave! I will kill him!" After discovering who the culprit was, Ling Donglai said angrily.


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