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At this time, Song Luo walked toward a special room in the Song family auction.

Upon entering, it was a very luxurious room, even more luxurious than the VIP room at the auction.

Song Luo saw two people talking while enjoying a cup of coffee.

The two of them were not other people, they were Song Jie and Wang Hai.

"Uncle Song Luo, why are you here I think the auction only started 10 minutes ago, is there a problem" Seeing Song Luo coming closer, Song Jie asked curiously.

"That's right, there is indeed a problem." Hearing Song Jie's question, Song Luo nodded and handed the white jade token he got from Ye Chen to Song Jie.

"This is the patriarch's token of gratitude, Song Jie, where did you get it" Seeing the jade token, Song Jie asked Song Luo earnestly.

"I got it from a young man named Ye Chen." Song Luo looked at Song Jie, then said.

"Ye Chen I've heard that name somewhere."

"This token is the indebtedness token belonging to the Song family, and I also feel that this token is originally from the patriarch. The patriarch once said that he once gave a white jade token with his name engraved on it to a martial emperor realm cultivator named Tian Yangzi."

"And the patriarch also said that if that person shows the token to the Song family and wants something, then the Song family must fulfill his wish."

"Does that person want something" Song Jie asked earnestly.

Someone was using that token, it must be a very important thing.

"That's right, that young man wanted one of the auction items, and he also wanted one of the VIP guests to be kicked out from the auction." Song Luo nodded, answering Song Jie's question.

"Is the auction item very valuable Also, who is the person he wants to expel" Song Jie said questioningly.

He was confused, was the auction item so important that it had to use the Song family's jade token He was also curious, who was the person he wanted to expel

"That young man wanted an ancient painting whose initial price was 250 million Yuan, since there were people who wanted that painting too, the price of the painting went up to 1.5 billion Yuan." Song Luo looked at Song Jie, then said.

"He only wants a painting that costs 1.5 billion Yuan" Hearing Song Luo's words, Song Jie said in a surprised tone.

He wondered why anyone would use the Song family's jade token for a painting worth 1.5 billion Yuan.

"Then who is the person he wants to expel" Song Jie asked Song Luo.

"That's the problem, the people he wants to expel is Lin Tian, ​​the young master of the Yang family, and the Lin family."

"Lin Tian is also the one who fought against the price of the painting with Ye Chen, Lin Tian bid at 1.5 billion Yuan, so Ye Chen couldn't afford to bid. Maybe that's why Ye Chen wanted the painting and wanted Lin Tian to be kicked out of the auction."

"I was afraid that if I immediately kicked Lin Tian out of the auction, it would offend him. And neither the Lin family nor the Yang family wouldn't accept the Song family's treatment, so they would make things difficult for us. That's why I went to see you." Song Luo said solemnly.

"Did you just say Lin Tian's name The young master of the Lin family" Hearing Lin Tian's words, Wang Hai immediately cut off the conversation.

"Right, it's young master Lin Tian." Hearing Wang Hai's words, Song Luo nodded.

"If it is young master Lin, then you can't kick him out, even if you are the 3rd son of the Song family, you won't be able to endure it." Wang Hai immediately reminded Song Jie when he heard that Lin Tian would be kicked out of the auction.

"Senior Wang Hai, I don't know why you handed the VIP invitation card I gave to you to Lin Tian, ​​nor do I know what relationship you have with Lin Tian. However this is a family rule, I must apologize to you, that person has the Song family jade token, he wants Lin Tian to be expelled from here, then he will be expelled." Song Jie looked at Wang Hai, then said solemnly.

Hearing that Song Jie was going to expel Lin Tian, ​​Wang Hai immediately reminded him again:

"You really can't drive him away, young master Lin is..."

But before Wang Hai finished his words, Song Jie suddenly cut him off:

"Senior Wang Hai, I will immediately order the auctioneer to expel Lin Tian. Tian Yangzi is a martial emperor realm cultivator, you know that the martial emperor realm is the pinnacle realm of cultivation base Also, Tian Yangzi is a strong Fengshui master and powerful soul master."

"Tian Yangzi also possesses extremely powerful techniques and extensive connections, he is also not inferior to the Song family. I've heard that Tian Yangzi has a disciple, I believe that Ye Chen is his disciple."

"Comparing the disciple of a martial emperor to Lin Tian, ​​I can still choose who is better. Even if the Lin family and Yang family do something to the Song family, I'm not afraid." Song Jie looked at Wang Hai and said.

"Song Jie, if you kick young master Lin out, I'm afraid there will be a big disaster befalling the Song family." Wang Hai warned Song Jie solemnly.

"Senior Wang, don't get in my way anymore, I won't break the Song family rules." Song Jie felt a little displeased when he heard Wang Hai's words.

"Disciple of a martial emperor or an obvious martial emperor, who will you choose" Wang Hai looked at Song Jie and said lightly.

"Senior Wang, what do you mean" Song Jie's expression changed when he heard Wang Hai's words.

"The Song family is holding an auction in Tianhai city, a first-rate city that has strict rules, how can that be You are the 3rd son of the Song family, don't you know it" Wang Hai looked at Song Jie and sneered.

"I don't understand what senior Wang is talking about." Song Jie said in confusion.

"Does your Song family not know about the battle between the two candidates for the supreme leader of the 6-door guild" Wang Hai said coldly.

"A fight between 2 candidates for the 6-door guild supreme leader candidate Senior Wang is joking, how could my Song family know such information." Song Jie shook his head when he heard Wang Hai's words.

"The Song family doesn't know I also didn't know that the Song family auction would be held every year, and how could it be in Tianhai city"

"The Song family auction can be held in Tianhai city which has strict rules, none other than because the Song family has spread the news that Tian Yangzi will become the supreme leader of the 6 door guild, and it just so happens that Tian Yangzi has a good relationship with the Song family."

"If you don't pay close attention to whether the future supreme leader of the 6-door guild is, the Song family will be destroyed." Wang Hai looked at Song Jie and said coldly.

"Senior Wang, the Song family has never spread news about the future supreme leader of the 6-door guild, only the patriarch and I know about it." Hearing Wang Hai's words, Song Jie took a deep breath, then said solemnly.

"If the Song family doesn't spread the news, is it possible that the Song family auction can be held in Tianhai city Besides, there's no point in spreading the news now, because the election of the supreme leader of the 6-door guild has already been determined, and it's not Tian Yangzi." Wang Hai said coldly.

"Senior Wang, does this have anything to do with me kicking Lin Tian out of the auction Could it be that Lin Tian has a relationship with a martial emperor in that Tianhai city" Song Jie said suspiciously.


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