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Lin Tian is now in Qin country, before reincarnating, maybe it was called China.

​ That's because the emergence of reiki has existed since the Shang dynasty was founded, about tens of thousands of years ago.

A very long time passed and arrived at the era of the six warring nations.

And yes, the Qin country under the leadership of Qin Shi Huang was able to unite the six warring countries and become an empire called the Qin dynasty.

But Qin Shi Huang's reign did not last long, he died for unknown reasons.

Because Qin Shi Huang had not yet decided who the heir to the throne would be, many princes and courtiers tried to take power.

Bloodshed and war ensued, in the end, the victor was the eldest prince, Qin Er Shi. he continued his father's throne as emperor of the Qin empire.

Time passes quickly.

Since the world entered the modern era, the Qin empire changed its name to a unitary country, named the Qin country.

But even so, the system of government has not changed, there are still emperors, kings, governors, etc.


Let's talk about Lin Tian's family.

His mother was called Yang Yao, she was one of the main descendants of the Yang ancient family, one of the 10 ancient families in the Qin country.

She was also quite talented, was in her 30s, and reached the peak level nascent soul.

And Lin Tian's father, Lin Hao, was from the Lin family. The Lin family members are only two people, he and his son, Lin Tian. If Yang Yao is included, then there are 3 people.

Even though it was only a small family, the Lin family was highly respected by everyone.

Was because Lin Hao was a very successful and reliable businessman, he had a net worth of hundreds of billions of Yuan.

Apart from real estate and property companies, Lin Hao was also the owner of some of the top banks in Qin country.

He doesn't have a good cultivation talent, is around 40 years old, only at the Qi foundation realm. Even so, no one dares to underestimate him.

If you don't have strength, you must have money.

Knowing this, many people might think that their child will have extraordinary talent.

But unfortunately, fate said otherwise, Lin Tian prefers to have fun and dislikes cultivation, he is just an ordinary human with extraordinary parents.

Many people called Lin Tian a waste, but because of his parental status, Lin Tian was protected from discrimination.


Now let's talk about his golden finger.

This system is called the destiny villain system.

Lin Tian just needs to suppress the protagonist, take his chance, and kill him.

And every time he humiliates the protagonist or takes his chances, he will earn villain points that can be used for the lottery. 

There are many things in the system lottery, he can get good things and of course very strong.

He could even get an item from a fictional world.

Not only the lottery system, but the system can also still be upgraded, so there are still some benefits that are not yet unlocked.

"Status windows." Lin Tian said lightly.

A hologram appeared before him.

[Name: Lin Tian]

[Age: 18 years old]

[Villain Points : 0]

[Identity: Lin family's young master, Yang family's young master, Direct descendant of the Lin family patriarch in the immortal world]

[Cultivation base: First Level Martial Emperor]

[Asset: Zhuxian Sword (sealed)]

This series of words made Lin Tian smile, the information above was indeed true.

Through his memories, he also discovered that his true identity is not so simple. 

The direct descendant of the Lin family patriarch in the immortal world, it is the upper realm.

But Lin Tian now didn't know much about it, the storyline happened when he reincarnated into this world, it expanded and made him have a hidden background.


Forgetting about it for a moment, Lin Tian went to take a shower to clean himself.

After 10 minutes, he came out and looked in the mirror.

"Really handsome, just like when I was on earth, hahaha." Lin Tian who looked at himself in the mirror laughed and praised himself shamelessly.

Indeed in terms of appearance, he was one of the tops in Tianhai city.

With a handsome face and cold look, slightly thick eyebrows, dark red colored pupils, short black hair, and a height of 190cm, especially when combined with his strength at the Martial Emperor realms.

Undoubtedly, if some women knew about this, probably not a few of them would be willing just to be Lin Tian's bed warmer.


"Even a cultivator cannot escape hunger, huh." Now that he was complaining while clutching his stomach, he was very hungry at the moment.

"Eat first, hopefully, the food will be prepared downstairs." Lin Tian said lightly.


When Lin Tian walked downstairs, he saw a girl in a maid outfit mopping the floor.

"Nan'er, has the food been prepared" Lin Tian who had already descended downstairs saw one of his servants and asked lightly.

"Ah, young master, I have prepared food on the dining table, the side dish is young master's favorite food, please enjoy." Lin Nan'er said with a sweet smile on her face. 

"Okay fine, don't work too hard, you're a girl take a rest if you're tired." Lin Tian stroked Lin Nan'er's head affectionately.

She was a 16-year-old girl whom he found a month ago while in a slum suburb, he had no idea who she is.

Because Lin Tian felt pity, he took her to his villa and made her a servant, Lin Nan'er didn't mind either, in fact, she liked her job.

After all, who doesn't feel pity for seeing a little girl with an emaciated body scavenging for leftover food in a garbage dump

"Okay young master!" Lin Nan'er with a smile on her face looked overjoyed.


At the dining table, Lin Tian ate voraciously.

He had just reached the martial emperor realm from just an ordinary human, naturally, his appetite and need for food became more and more.

"According to time, it has been more than a month Ye Chen has descended the mountain, it seems that I am not too late to reincarnate." Lin Tian said with relief 

"Ye Chen will be in the Qinghai forest tonight and will have good things there." Lin Tian added.

Ye Chen was the first protagonist since Lin Tian was reincarnated, he was an ordinary orphan who was made a disciple by a famous cultivator.

Practicing combat and medicine for years in the mountains, Ye Chen is the perfect protagonist in the modern cultivation world theme novels.

Of course Lin Tian wouldn't let Ye Chen get those good things for free, he would take all of Ye Chen's opportunities.


Wiping the leftover food in the corner of his mouth, Lin Tian went to an empty room in his villa to practice.

Although he had obtained a few Heavenly Demon Mo Xie's memories, he also needed to practice certain techniques and skills to get used to it.

From an ordinary human to the martial emperor realm in a nutshell, it would naturally take Lin Tian some time to adapt.


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