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"Wang Hai, are you saying that young master Lin's cultivation base is on par with Tian Yangzi Are you sure what you said is true" Lin Hong heard Wang Hai's words from the phone with an incredulous face.

"Lin Hong, you know I never joke about this matter." Wang Hai said solemnly.

"Incredible, even though young master Lin is less than 20 years old, he can still be on par with Tian Yangzi. No need to say, I will try to persuade the higher-ups to cancel Tian Yangzi's candidacy." Lin Hong said enthusiastically.

"No, don't cancel Tian Yangzi's candidacy, but invite him to Tianhai city, young master Lin wants to fight with Tian Yangzi to convince people in the 6-door guild." Wang Hai said.

"Wang Hai, Tian Yangzi is a veteran martial emperor, Isn't it too risky for young master Lin to fight with him" Lin Hong said in a doubtful tone.

"What are you saying, I'm sure young master Lin wouldn't challenge Tian Yangzi if he wasn't sure he would win. If young master Lin dares to challenge Tian Yangzi, I believe his strength is indeed stronger than the last time I met him." Wang Hai said.

"Okay, I will go to see Tian Yangzi. Regardless of whether Tian Yangzi is willing to accept young master Lin's challenge or not, we have already confirmed that young master Lin will be the supreme leader." Lin Hong said.

"Right, led by young master Lin, I believe the 6-door guild will be the strongest institution than the other three." Wang Hai said.

"Okay, I will see Tian Yangzi soon. If he agrees, it will take at least 4-5 days to come to Tianhai city." Lin Hong said lightly.

"OK." Wang Hai nodded.


time passed quickly and now was the next day.

Riing riing~

At this time while Lin Tian was having lunch, his phone suddenly rang.

Checking the caller ID, it turned out to be Lu Hao.

"Lin Tian, ​​the Song family auction will be held tonight, do you want to come" Lu Hao's voice sounded after Lin Tian received the call.

"The Song family auction will be held tonight" Lin Tian heard Lu Hao's words from the phone, he found the memory of this auction.

The Song family auction was supposed to be held 1 month later.

And in this auction, Ye Chen would find a great opportunity, the Divine Mystery Array.

It is a very powerful technique, even not inferior to the ghost god Fengshui technique.

'After I took the ghost god feng shui technique from Ye Chen's hands, Tian Yangzi became candidate supreme leader of the 6 door guild.'

'And now the Song family auction is also suddenly held tonight. It seems that my meddling in this world has gone far enough, even the storyline has accelerated. Looks like I have to kill Ye Chen soon.' Lin Tian thought in his heart.

"Lin Tian, ​​are you going" Lu Hao's voice from the phone woke Lin Tian up.

"Go, of course I will." Lin Tian said lightly.

"Alright, ​​you will go with me, I happen to have 3 invitation cards." Lu Hao said.

"Is the Song family so brave Not inviting the Lin family" Lin Tian sneered when he heard Lu Hao's words.

"Lin Tian, you misunderstood, actually if your parents were still in Tianhai city, they would be given an invitation. But your parents are now out of town, and you are now only a second generation." Lu Hao explained.

"Is my influence still not strong Looks like I should immediately tell everyone my true identity." Lin Tian said lightly.

"Haha, you could be Lin Tian. So are you coming with me" Lu Hao laughed, then asked Lin Tian.

"Okay, I'll pick you up tonight." Lin Tian said.

"Okay." Lu Hao nodded.


Not long after hanging up the call from Lu Hao, his cell phone suddenly rang again, at this time it was Wang Hai who made the call.

"Young master Lin, there will be a Song family auction tonight. Currently, not many people know young master Lin's true identity, so the Song family shouldn't have sent you an invitation. I happen to have a VIP invitation card, if young master Lin wants it, I will give it to you." Wang Hai said respectfully to Lin Tian on the phone.

"Really Then send it to me." Lin Tian immediately said after hearing Wang Hai's words.

In the Song family auction, there is a special room in the auction, of course people of high status can use it, they must have a VIP invitation.

The person in the VIP room will have the advantage. If you want something, then a VIP person will be the priority.

Can enjoy the facilities better, why can't Lin Tian enjoy it

​ "Well, I will send it to you. By the way, Tian Yangzi agreed that he is willing to fight with young master Lin. It will be held in the 6-door guild courtyard, and it is expected that tomorrow will start, the day after tomorrow at the latest, also ask young master Lin to prepare." Wang Hai said respectfully.

"OK." Lin Tian nodded.

He didn't panic or fear it, even he couldn't wait to kill Tian Yangzi immediately.

He also couldn't wait to rob Ye Chen's luck again.

"In that case, I will not intrude on young master Lin's time anymore." As soon as Wang Hai said, the phone was also hung up.


Somewhere in the mountains far from Tianhai city, an old man felt uneasy in his heart.

Then, the old man picks up a pebble from the ground and throws it on one of the distant hills.

Not long after that, the hill exploded, it was even clear that there were cracks that were none other than the gravel thrown by the old man.

"Signs of disaster, how can Chen'er be hit by a catastrophe He is in the nascent soul realm, even facing a martial king, I believe he can win." The old man said.

"No wait, there is a martial emperor who challenges me to a fight, is it possible that Chen'er offended that person I have to go to Tianhai city immediately." The old man continued.


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