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A few minutes later, Lin Tian and Ling Donglai ended their discussion.

The end of their duel was difficult to decide, Ling Donglai did not completely lose to Lin Tian, ​​his physical strength was still very strong, and could withstand the mighty power of the earthquake punch technique.

In the end, they decided to stop.

Then Lin Tian and Ling Donglai returned to Tianhai city.


Arrived at his villa area in Tianhai city.

"Young master Lin, you can reach the Martial Emperor realm at only 18 years old, you are the number one genius." Ling Donglai said in admiration.

"Well, at least no one can match me in the same realm. But if I fight you again, I'll be in trouble." Lin Tian smiled and said.

Lin Tian and Ling Donglai chatted while walking toward the villa.


Ring Riing~

Entering the villa, suddenly there is the sound of a cell phone ringing.

Lin Tian picked up his cell phone on the table in the living room and looked at the caller ID.

It was Wang Hai.

"Young master Lin, there is a slight problem regarding your selection to be the supreme leader of the 6-door guild." Wang Hai said solemnly after Lin Tian received the call.

"Oh, what happened Lin Tian asked lightly.

"Young master Lin, one of the chief inspectors, Gang Wu, recommended another person to become the supreme leader of the 6-door guild, that person is also a martial emperor." Wang Hai said solemnly.

"Who's he" Lin Tian's eyes narrowed and asked curiously.

"He is Tian Yangzi, one of the most famous people in Qin country, he is at the 5th level of the martial emperor." Wang Hai said.

"Tian Yangzi" Lin Tian raised one of his eyebrows.

He was no stranger to that name.

Tian Yangzi was Ye Chen's master, a powerful cultivator at the martial emperor realm.

His strength is very strong, he is also a feng shui master and a genius in medicine.

He has been famous for a long time, because of his unique treatment method, which is using acupuncture techniques.

Coupled with his connections and influence, Ye Chen was able to avoid all kinds of trouble.

"Did you guys vote for Tian Yangzi, and tell me this" Lin Tian said coldly.

"Young master Lin, rest assured, we haven't completely decided who will be the supreme leader of the 6-door guild. Even though Tian Yangzi is strong and senior, but young master Lin has many advantages, young master Lin is still young and has reached the martial emperor realm. Young Master Lin's future will not be limited." Wang Hai said.

"Currently the 6-door guild has 2 opinions, Lin Hong and I choose for young master Lin to be the supreme leader. While Gang Wu and the other chief inspectors prefer Tian Yangzi to be the supreme leader." Wang Hai continued.

"Then what was the result" Lin Tian said.

"Young master Lin, we have two plans. The first is that young master Lin and Tian Yangzi will duel for the position of the supreme leader, it will be held in about 3-6 months." Wang Hai said.

"Then the second plan is that young master Lin will compete with Tian Yangzi, who catches the most criminals in Qin country, he wins." Wang Hai continued.

"I chose the first plan, but the time had to be changed." Lin Tian said lightly.

"Young master Lin, how much time do you want" Wang Hai asked.

"No need three or six months, take Tian Yangzi to Tianhai city, and I will fight with him now." Lin Tian said Indifferently.

It is impossible to wait 3-6 months, it is too long.

And also Tian Yangzi wasn't that strong, he already knew his various techniques and attacks.

"What Young master Lin, are you sure Tian Yangzi is a martial emperor at the 5th level of the martial emperor." Wang Hai said solemnly.

He had thought that Lin Tian wanted to postpone his fight with Tian Yangzi to about a year later.

But he didn't expect Lin Tian wanted to fight with Tian Yangzi now.

"What if he's at the 5th level of the martial emperor I can kill him." Lin Tian said indifferently.

He could even match the strength of Ling Donglai who was at the peak of the Martial Emperor level, fighting Tian Yangzi was much easier.

"Young master Lin, you are only at the first level of the martial emperor, please don't be impulsive." Wang Hai said solemnly.

"First level Did I tell you that I am only at the first level" Lin Tian said indifferently.


With the cultivation foundation from the system, and Mo Xie's martial arts techniques, he could even match Ling Donglai's strength.

"Young master Lin is not a first-level martial emperor" Wang Hai was stunned to hear Lin Tian's words.

"I said I was at the Martial Emperor realm, but did I mention specifically what level I am at" Lin Tian said lightly.

"Young master Lin, if you are really on the same level as Tian Yangzi, then there is no need to compare, I will immediately cancel Tian Yangzi's candidacy. You are still so young and have talent against the heavens, how can it compare to Tian Yangzi." Wang Hai said enthusiastically.

"No need to cancel, let Tian Yangzi come over, what if they think that my powers are fake To convince them, let me fight against Tian Yangzi, so they can be sure." Lin Tian said lightly.

Tian Yangzi is Ye Chen's master, it is certain that he also has most of the protagonist's luck. How could it be canceled, he had to come.

"Okay, then I'll report it." Wang Hai said solemnly.

"Okay." Lin Tian nodded.


"Young master, do you need me to do something" Ling Donglai asked as soon as Lin Tian hung up the phone.

"No, are you worried about my strength" Lin Tian shook his head and said.

Let Ling Donglai kill Tian Yangzi, even though it was a good and quick idea, but he got rid of the idea.

Wouldn't it be better for Ye Chen to see that his master was beaten to death by him Lin Tian was sure that when Ye Chen saw his master die at his hands, it would bring him a lot of luck.


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