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When he looked up, the stone tablet in front of him was densely engraved with mysterious words and all kinds of mysterious patterns.

Zhou Mingrui was certain that he had never seen such words and mysterious patterns before.

However, when he looked at them, he was able to understand their meaning.

The more he read, the more serious Zhou Mingruis expression became.

“So its you.”

At that moment, a sharp, neutral voice sounded.

When Zhou Mingrui turned his gaze over, he realized that it was a white monkey with long fur that had already fallen to the ground.

It was holding a walking stick.

“You know me” Zhou Mingrui looked at the white monkey and asked.

“I dont know you, but I knew you would come here.”

The white monkey walked to the side of the stone tablet and stretched out his dry and slender fingers to gently rub the surface of the stone tablet.

“This is what the stone tablet told me.

Ive been waiting for you here for two hundred and thirty-two years.”

Zhou Mingruis furrowed brows immediately relaxed.

He glanced at the stone tablet again and asked, “Lets not talk about anything else.

Why are you waiting for me here”

“To answer your question,” the white monkey replied with a faint smile.

Zhou Mingruis eyes flickered as if he had understood something.

He immediately asked, “Who placed this stone tablet here”

The white monkey replied with a smile, “It fell from the sky.”

Zhou Mingrui was taken aback before he asked again, “Who asked you to wait for me here”

The white monkey continued to smile.

“From the moment I was born, I had this thought in my mind.

No one asked me to come here and wait.”

Upon hearing this, Zhou Mingrui narrowed his eyes and pondered for a moment.

He analyzed the information that these words could provide him.

“Who is the order breaker that the stone tablet mentioned” he asked again.

This time, the white monkey was silent for a while before answering, “Even if I tell you now, you wont know who it is.

But dont worry, youll know who it is soon.”

This time, Zhou Mingrui finally couldnt take it anymore.

He asked directly, “Then what exactly can you tell me You cant possibly let these two hundred years go to waste, right”

The white monkey shook his head.

“I can tell you a lot.

Its just that you havent asked about the key point.”

The corners of Zhou Mingruis eyes twitched continuously.

He really wanted to kill the fellow in front of him.

He hated such a mysterious and pretentious fellow the most.

“I know what youre thinking, but there are some things that I dont know, and I really cant say.

There are some stuff that you cant figure out right now even if I tell you.

So, its better to ask after you have calmed down.” The white monkey said as it stroked its own fur.

Taking a deep breath, Zhou Mingrui forcefully calmed his emotions.

After all, he had killed dozens of white monkeys before coming here.

They could be considered the other partys descendants.

On this account, he decided to bear with it.

Moments later, Zhou Mingrui asked again, “Then can you tell me the content of the stone tablet in your way”

The white monkey nodded at this time, and his eyes revealed a gratified look.

“The stone tablet is describing a prophecy, and its saying: the activation of the infinite point, the appearance of the orderless and the order-breakers, will disrupt all the established facts and change everything that we originally knew.”

“As a fixed point, you will be the cause, process, and end of all chaos.

When the past befalls you, the future is in front of you, and fate is in your hands, that will be the time when the world lines overlap again.”

Zhou Mingrui fell into silence after hearing that.

There was a certain difference between what the white monkey said and what he saw, but there was not much difference in the core meaning.

After some thought, Zhou Mingrui looked at the white monkey again and asked, “What is an infinite point Or you can answer me in a language and message that I can understand.

The white monkey nodded.

“I can answer you this.

All space-time is born from a single point.

Its also the only point in all finality.”

“Just like this.”

The white monkey raised his hand, and the white fog beside him was suddenly pulled out and gathered in his palm.

A white circle appeared in its hand and then lines split from the circle, and another circle appeared on the other end of the line.

Just like that, the lines were the links, and the nodes were the transit points to form a polygonal geometric 3D figure.

“The line is the combination of space, time, and material in reality.

After another line is connected, different materials collide and evolve, becoming an infinite point.”

Zhou Mingrui understood what he meant.

He nodded and asked, “According to what you said before, I didnt know the order breakers before.

What about the orderless”

The white monkey smiled and nodded without saying a word.

However, Zhou Mingrui understood.

“What this sentence means is that after these two guys appeared, the effect they produced directly caused all the space-time worlds to be in chaos, and everything changed.”

“Wait, isnt this the great calamity” Zhou Mingrui suddenly recalled this.

According to the information obtained later, the great calamity was a special situation that occurred in a certain place in space-time, causing all the worlds to be affected.

The world wall was weakened, and it was invaded and attacked by monsters from other alternate spaces and other universes.

“So, it was caused by the appearance of the orderless and the order breakers.

What if I kill one of them Will the great calamity not happen” Zhou Mingrui began to mumble to himself.

“Although I dont understand what you said before if you want to use your own strength to get rid of one of the two, Ill give you a suggestion.

Its better to wash up and go to sleep.” The white monkey chuckled.

From the physical point of view, the white monkeys smile was gentle and polite, but from the spiritual point of view, it was a mocking smile.

“I know.

My current strength is not enough to kill those two guys.” Hence, Zhou Mingrui could only find a way out for himself.

“What does a fixed point mean” he asked the key question.

The white monkey raised its hand gently, and the cloud pattern formed by countless dense threads immediately disintegrated into countless thin lines.

“Right now, I am the fixed point.

No matter how the infinite point changes, I, as a point, will not change.

This is the so-called fixed point.”

After listening to the white monkeys explanation, Zhou Mingrui nodded.

He could now roughly understand the contents of the prophecy.

As the fixed point, and according to Yan Wuyue, it didnt appear in the previous life.

In other words, all the chaos was brought about by him, and he would also experience all the chaos until the chaos ended.

As for the past, it was likely to represent the reincarnated Yan Wuyue, and in the future, it might be him, the summoned spirit who represented a new starting point.

The last fate…

“Could it be the king of fate” Zhou Mingrui narrowed his eyes slightly.

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