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Chapter 208: Fashionable swimsuit

Just now, it happened so fast that as soon as Robb attacked, the female assassin got knocked out without even feeling pain, which can be said to be sudden death.

So, when she was pulled up by resurrection, she had no idea what had just happened or even that she had been killed once.

She sat in the snow with a bewildered face.

Her pretty face was now all exposed, only her round, sharp, thin face, which gave a slightly fierce impression, but there was no doubt about her beauty.

She looked left and right.

"what just happened I was sitting by the pool just now.

How could I get so far away in an instant and that there is a snow pit on the snow "

The crowd looked awkwardly at Robb.

  The two little nuns thought to themselves, [Should we tell her that she has just been killed and resurrected by resurrection Uh… forget it.

Let’s not say it.

Better let Godfather handle it.]

Robb looked up to the sky and said leisurely, "the moon is so beautiful tonight.

The stars are shining, and it feels really nice."

The female assassin looked stunned and turned to Lillian next to her.

"I thought I heard you shout that there’s a female ghost.

Where is the female ghost What happened"

Sweat fell down Lillian’s head, "well...

cough… it seems I was wrong just now."

“No, you weren’t!” Robb immediately passed the conversation and said solemnly, "you are not wrong.

Just now, a female ghost flew down.

She grabbed you and dragged you here.

You were dragged here by the female ghost and fell into a snow pit.

Then I beat the female ghost to death with one punch, and then you woke up.

Sit up"

  "Is that so" The female assassin tilted her head and said, “Why do I feel that something is wrong."

“Well, there is something wrong.” Robb said, "Why are you sitting by the pool with your hair disheveled Did a female ghost possess you"

When the female assassin heard this question, she was slightly surprised and hurriedly put away her questions and concentrated on Robb's question.

If she didn’t explain it clearly, it would be quite dangerous and likely to gain his doubts.

She pretended to be interested in the hot spring pool and said, "I like this pool.

I kind of want to soak here, so I couldn't help sitting by the pool just now.

As for my hair, I just got out of the shower and haven't had time to comb my hair.


"So you like this hot spring pool." Robb said with a smile: "I like it, too.

Haha, who doesn't like hot springs"

  The two light nuns beside them complained in a low voice, "fake hot springs made of fire magic water."

Robb brushed his head away.

The two nuns used to respect and fear Robb and spoke respectfully, but now they were so close and lawless that they retort Robb’s actions.

Robb waved a branch at both of them and said, "Stop retorting, or I'll turn this branch into a harp."

The two light nuns were startled, brushed the floor, and fled back to the chapel.

What they feared most was Robb playing the harp.

Of course, they did not know that Robb would never use "Charming Song" to insult women because it was no different from rape, which seriously violated his outlook on life and morality.

After the two little nuns escaped, Robb smiled and said to the female assassin, "since you like this pool, You can soak in it for now.

I'm going to take a bath now.

You can use the hot spring pool as much as you like.

I’ll just keep it warm with some weak fire magic."

The female assassin told a lie, or she would have exposed her identity, so she had to pretend to be happy and say, "I can use the pool Yay! I thought a great man like you hated people using your bath.

But… I’m dirty.”

Robb smiled and said, "didn't you just take a shower How can you be dirty."

The female assassin had no choice but to say, "Right, then I might as well do so."

Robb looked around and smiled and said, "Oh, an open-air bath is okay for me as a man, but it doesn't seem good for a girl.

It's definitely not good to soak naked, but it's uncomfortable to soak in clothes.

I'll tell you what.

I'll make you a set of clothes for bathing right away."

"Hmm" The female assassin froze slightly.

Robb reached out in the air to pick up things, and two pieces of cotton cloth flew over with a brush.

This kind of cloth is not very suitable and easily seen through as a swimsuit, but it can be prevented by making it thicker.

Choose Material: "thick cotton cloth" and "fashion- sexy swimsuit."

System Tip: the clothes you are making are decorative clothing.

Defense is always 10.

The thick cotton cloth swooshed from the floor in mid-air and turned into a fashionable white swimsuit.

Robb put it onto the female assassin's hand and said with a smile, "put this on so you don't have to be afraid of being peeked at."

The female assassin pretended to be respectful and said, "Thank you for Godfather's generous gift."

She really didn't want to take a bath now, but she lied that she liked the pool, so she had to soak in it.

After Robb went in to take a bath, she picked up the swimsuit and looked closer, "Wow, such small fabric This… This can barely cover my body, right How can a woman of the Kingdom of Gran dress in such a thing"

Women in the desert kingdom never wear such things at ordinary times.

They wear conservative clothes and even swim in very tight clothes.

If they wear a few pieces of cloth like this, they will be called a slut.

However, she still had to wear it because she thought that all the women in Gran all dressed like this.

Otherwise, people might think she’s from the desert kingdom.

She sighed.

She really had to make some sacrifices for her mission.

Anyway, from the day she became an assassin, she no longer regarded herself as a woman, and gender has become her weapon rather than a reserve. 


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