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Chapter 207: What just happened

This is the best way for a female assassin to get close to her sleeping target is by putting her face very close.

This is because if the other person is pretending to be asleep, this situation will not be able to continue.

On the other hand, if the target does wake up by himself in this way, she can fool the target, for example, taking advantage of women's privileges, blushing, and shyly lying that she is in love with him.

Saying that she just wants to kiss him while he's sleeping.

This is what the female assassin is doing now.

Her face is getting closer to Robb's, so close that the tips of their noses can almost touch each other, and the aroma of her breath blows into Robb's face.

Robb's breath also swept across her face.

Keeping such a distance from a member of the opposite sex, no man can calmly continue to pretend to sleep, and the female assassin carefully felt Robb's every breath and realized that it was as smooth as before.

He is really asleep.

Great! You’re dead this time.

  The female assassin's hand slowly reached into her skirt, pulled out the hidden "breaker," and then poked it hard against Robb's neck!

She thought blood would be splattered, his neck would be cut off by at least half, and the blood would soar a few meters away and dye half of the pool red.

Then Robb would open his eyes and stare at her with a look of horror, but because of the silence effect of the breaker, he could not make a sound and died in silence.

However, things were completely different from what she thought.

After the breaker stabbed hard on Robb's neck, she felt nothing at the tip of her dagger, not even a trace of resistance.

It was as if she had cut not a man's neck but the air.

The dagger slid easily across Robb's neck, cutting nothing, no blood, no air from the cut-throat, let alone a frightened, dying face.

Robb is still fast asleep, sleeping very happily.

  The female assassin looked up at the breaker in her hand and then at Robb's neck, feeling extremely puzzled.

Of course, she is not the first person to have experienced this.

There was the double-headed ogre, which MISSED all its attacks.

There is also the magic swordsman who slashed at Robb, all MISS.

However, the intelligence of the double-headed ogre is low, so you don't need to ask it for an answer.

On the other hand, the magic swordsman gave Robb a reason to believe that he had flashed attacks quickly.

But the female assassin is different.

she has a normal IQ and is not as stupid as a double-headed ogre.

She made sure that Robb slept soundly, and blocking her attack was impossible.

She watched helplessly as the breaker stabbed Robb in the neck, but she didn't even scratch the oil, felt nothing, and took it back inexplicably.

  “This is impossible!” The female assassin snorted in her heart, "what the hell."

She waved the breaker and stabbed Robb in the neck again.

Just now, that strange feeling came again, and the breaker passed through Robb’s neck without any feeling of hitting the human body as if fishing it in the air.


The female assassin looked at the breaker in her hand.

There was no blood on it.

Can't figure it out.

Can't figure it out at all.

Forget it, don't think about it, just hack at it.

The female assassin repeatedly waved the breaker in her hand and stabbed Robb in the neck.

More than a dozen attacks passed in the twinkling of an eye, but she still felt that he hadn’t even been hit with a single attack.

She turned to Robb's heart and stabbed it with the breaker.

More than a dozen attacks were sent.

She was so tired that she broke out in a fragrant sweat, but the target didn't even lose a strand of hair, and he was still sleeping with his eyes closed, looking very peaceful.

Knowing now that the breaker was useless, she hid it back into her nightdress, sat by the pool, gasping for breath, wiped the sweat on her forehead, and was at a loss for a moment, not knowing what to do.

Continue stabbing

Done stabbing

It is rare for a target to sleep so close in front of her.

Would there be a better chance of assassination in the world

But he can’t be stabbed!

The female assassin opened her hands, pointed her fingers to the sky, and complained: "Yellow sand! What am I supposed to do" (TL: The author used黃沙, which means Yellow Sand.

Is there a better term/slang term for this)

She grabbed onto her hair hard, washed it, and her long undried hair turned into various strange shapes.

Soon, she looked like a messy chicken nest.

Just then, Lillian came out of the chapel and shouted, "Master, you can take a bath.

Oh, female ghost! There’s a female ghost!! Aaahh!"

Lillian screamed, and Robb opened his eyes with a brush, "Lillian, don't be afraid.

Where is the ghost"

As soon as he opened his eyes and turned his head, the female assassin was sitting very close to him.

The female assassin was dressed in a nightdress with disheveled hair and black hair covering her face.

With open hands and five fingers toward the sky, she made a strange appearance of hissing to the heavens.

In the middle of the night, waking up seeing this thing.

Who can stand it

"I'll fight it!" Robb punched it, and the female assassin flew.

Fly, fly, fly, like the red dragonfly flying in the blue sky.

Flying several meters away, she hit the ground with a bang.

There was thick snow on the ground, so she suddenly got embedded in the snow as soon as she fell.

Robb said, "Lillian.

Don’t be afraid.

I have killed the female ghost."

"Oh, my God! That's not a female ghost.

" The two little nuns who had just finished taking a bath jumped out of the chapel and shouted, "it's the female refugee staying in the chapel.

Quick, heal her…."

"Oh no, this isn't good.

She stopped breathing.

Quick, heal her."

Robb was also startled, "what A female refugee Why is she pretending to be a ghost in the middle of the night "

He actually punched a person to death, which was a great sin.

Resurrection was thrown out quickly.

A golden pillar of light hung over the body of the female assassin.

An angel with white wings came down from the sky and sprinkled its feathers.

The woman sat up with a brush, poked her hair with her hands, revealed her beautiful face, and said vaguely, "what just happened" 


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