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Less than half a year after Jiuzhu returned to the capital, the Ming family received three imperial edicts.

If it werent for her Sixth Brother Fu to say that decrees were not easily issued, she would have probably already concluded that it was something very simple.


She looked at the decree stating the reasons for making her a xianzhu with some confusion.


When did she copy the scriptures for the deceased Empress Dowager Shengmu1T/N: ThisShengmu‘ here is not like those usual titles bestowed upon the women.

It signifies that this Empress Dowager is the birth mother of the emperor but not the empress of his late father.

If the one ascending the throne was not a legitimate prince (the empress biological child), then there was a possibility (just because one of the two could be dead or for some other reason) of having two empress dowagers: one was the legitimate mother (the wife of the late emperor- the empress) and the other was the birth mother (a concubine).

In that case, the legitimate mother would be called母後皇太後 (mǔhòu huáng tàihòu) and the birth mother would be called聖母皇太後 (shèngmǔ huáng tàihòu). When did she look after Guifei niangniang


Creating something out of nothing


“On the day we went to offer incense to Imperial Concubine Yang, did His Majesty and Su Guifei say anything to you” Even Shen-shi felt that the Emperor was being too gracious to their family.


As everyone knew, he was quite prudent when it came to conferring titles.

However, within just a month or two, he bestowed two titles upon them.


“He didnt say anything special.” Jiuzhu shook her head, “His Majesty and niangniang treated Daughter very kindly.

They didnt mention a word about this.”


“Yesterday, why did His Highness Chen Wang give you money when he came to send you back” Ming Jingzhou said, “The decree was also brought by Chen Wang early this morning.”


According to a minor official from the Ministry of Rites, as soon as the bureau was opened, Chen Wang came in with the imperial decree and prompted the officials present to register it and make a copy.

After that was done, the official seals of the Ministry of Rites and the several related lords had been stamped, he urged Minister Li to bring the guard of honor to the Ming family to announce the decree.


Jiuzhu thought of the tale about the overbearing prince that had become very popular in the capital recently and lowered her head sheepishly: “Because Daughter used money to stir up something”


Ming Jingzhou and Shen-shi simultaneously looked at their in surprise.

Their familys daughter was a smart and adorable girl who didnt like to spend money recklessly, so how could she stir up something with money


“Father, Mother, have you ever heard the stories about an overbearing prince”


Ming Jingzhou frowned.

What stories of an overbearing prince


No one other than Chen Wang in the entire empire could be called an overbearing prince.


“Ive heard a little.” Shen-shi nodded, “These are all stories concocted by the storytellers.

Some people made far-fetched claims and now, many people mistakenly think that the prince in the stories is Chen Wang.”


“What kind of stories are they” Having been an official for many years, Ming Jingzhou was very sensitive to these kinds of methods used to incite people: “Did the overbearing prince commit murder or arson in the stories”


“Thats not it.” Shen-shi shook her head with a smile: “Although the content of these stories is absurd, they are all filled with good deeds.

Because of these stories, Chen Wangs image in the minds of women has improved a lot.”


Ming Jingzhou was flabbergasted.

Could Su Guifei and Chen Wang also think of using this kind of tactful means


“This matter has something to do with Daughter.” Jiuzhu lowered her head and recounted everything.


Hearing what his daughter said, Ming Jingzhou didnt know what to say for a long time.


By a stroke of luck, she succeeded in helping Chen Wang resolve a conspiracy against him, but because of these stories, he became a topic of discussion among many people in their leisure time.

With that temperament of his, perhaps Chen Wang wont be able to tolerate the storytellers weaving stories about him.


“Chen Wang really didnt get angry with you because of this matter” With her own eyes, Shen-shi had once seen the seventeen year old Chen Wang grimacing at the sight of the married Princess Roude at the annual banquet; he did not give her any face at all.


Embarrassed by Chen Wang in front of everyone, Princess Roude refrained from appearing outside for a long time.

And ever since then, she would take a detour whenever Chen Wang was present on the scene.


Given his behavior towards his elder sister, how much tolerance could he have towards her daughter


“His Highness is gentle and considerate, so he is not angry because of this matter.” Jiuzhu shook her head: “Moreover, when he heard that Daughter spent all her money due to this matter, he even gave me money.”


Ming Jingzhous brow rose slightly, that mere twenty or thirty taels of silver


“It was such a thick stack of banknotes.” With an incredibly shocked expression, Jiuzhu gestured the thickness of the banknotes with her hands, “Furthermore, it was all banknotes worth five hundred taels.

Daughter didnt dare to accept it.”


Comprehending that he had misunderstood Chen Wang, Ming Jingzhou snorted coldly in his heart.

So he planned to use money to corrupt his well-behaved daughters heart; no wonder his wife said that men were not good people.


Chen Wang was a man.

Naturally he was also not a good person.


No father-in-law could feel entirely satisfied with his son-in-law.

Even if the latter was an impressive and aloof prince.


He was about to talk about Chen Wang‘s past extravagance when his sight suddenly fell on the imperial decree in Jiuzhus hand.


Since the decree was brought to the Ministry of Rites by Chen Wang, it was very much possible that he had requested it.


Did Chen Wang go to His Majesty to ask for a title for his daughter because she denied his offer According to Da Chengs etiquette, although no territory would be granted for the title, Jiuzhu would get a fixed salary, silk, satin, rice and oil every month.


Could it be… Was Chen Wang trying to stuff money into his daughters hands in another way


Which prince would make such a great twist in order to provide money for his fiancée As expected of the outrageous Chen Wang; he could even do such a thing.

Nevertheless, how favored was he for His Majesty to grant his request


An intelligent prince would never seek benefits for his in-laws so openly like this.

First, he would be afraid of rumors, and second, he would be wary of incurring the monarchs suspicion.


“Chen Wangs conduct is really…” Ming Jingzhou wanted to say that he acted rashly, but when he looked up and saw his daughters bright gaze, he sighed: “…straight from the heart.”


Even though Chen Wang did this, it was their Ming family who reaped the benefit.

What could he possibly say in this situation


“This being the case, Father will go express his gratitude to His Highness for specially beseeching His Majestys favor for you tomorrow.”


“Father, did His Highness really seek this imperial decree for Daughter” Holding the decree, Jiuzhu asked.

Her face was brimming with joy.


Ming Jingzhou nodded slowly: “Chen Wang personally obtained this decree without the help of outsiders as he brought it to the Ministry of Rites himself.

Father reckons that he did indeed ask for it.”


“Thats good, thats good.” Shen-shi stroked her daughters head and spoke in a low voice: “Keep Chen Wangs actions in your heart.

Jiuzhu, if you happen to hear any unpleasant rumors, you must not take it to heart, let alone take out your anger on someone innocent.”


Jiuzhu nodded blankly, feeling somewhat doubtful.

Unpleasant rumors 


Seeing her daughters puzzled expression, a smile bloomed on Shen-shis face: “Just remember that you must not hurt the hearts of those who treat you sincerely because of the words of unimportant people.”


“En.” With shining eyes, Jiuzhu nodded: “Daughter will not care about the words of others.”


Her masters often said that cultivators dont damage their senses because of foreign objects.

Rather, they cultivate their body, mind and heart by devoting themselves to spiritual development.


“Thats good.” Shen-shi smiled, “Being affected by foreign objects will only make your life unhappy.

Its good that you have this thought.”


“Master also said that Daughter has a good temper.” Jiuzhu clasped the decree and smiled happily in contentment.


“Guniang, the food container and the carriage are prepared.

Do you want to leave for the bureau of the Ministry of Rites now”


“Lets go now.” Holding a large food container in each hand, Jiuzhu spoke: “Its freezing today.

Even with the wood charcoal fire, its easy to catch a cold.”


Chunfen came from behind and fastened the cloak on Jiuzhus body: “Young Miss, please slow down.”


Recently, very few of the officials of the Ministry of Rites had their family members bring food for them.

Since Chen Wangs arrival, the food prepared by the public kitchen of the bureau had become much tastier.

Moreover, even the extravagant Chen Wang eats that food.

Could they possibly be more fussy than him


At the hour of wushi, it was time for everyone to take a break and eat lunch.

Chen Wang tossed his brush and leaned back lazily in his chair.


Some gutsy officials peeked inside through the window and found that Chen Wang was actually copying an imperial decree.

Before Assistant Minister Ming went to collect these decrees and bring them over temporarily, they were stored away in the Imperial Hanlin Academy.

Previously, they were unaware of the reason behind his actions but now, it suddenly dawned upon them.


From memorizing the names of the candidates of the imperial examinations and their policies, to copying the Ministry of Revenues tax and other financial booklets, and then to copying decrees for backup, which one of these was not a time-consuming yet useless task


They certainly didnt expect the usually gentle and easy-going Lord Ming to not only torment someone but also do that slowly with a dull knife.

On the surface, he was instructing Chen Wang when in actuality he wasnt doing anything of that sort.


“Your Highness.” The eunuch serving Chen Wang stepped forward and squeezed his shoulders, “Your appetite has somewhat lessened over the past two days.

Why dont you permit this slave to go to a restaurant and buy some delicious food for you”


“No need.” Chen Wang stood up dispiritedly, “Ben Wang will go to the public kitchen area with Lord Ming to have a meal.”


He had already claimed that the Ministry of Rites could not do without him before Ming Xiaozhu.

Due to that, he must not let Ming Jingzhou undermine his words.


“Your Highness.” Another eunuch hurried inside: “Ming familys guniang is waiting for you outside the bureau.”


Chen Wang stood up.

He picked up the cloak beside him, fastened it on his body, and snorted with a grin, “So this little guniang does have a conscience.”


In order to achieve the decree, he ingratiated himself and flattered his Father Emperor so much.

If she hadnt come to meet him, it would be inexcusable.


“Your Highness!” Seeing Chen Wang come out, Jiuzhu hurried towards him.


“Why are you looking for Ben Wang” Chen Wang put his hands behind his back and asked, not even mentioning the matter of the decree making Jiuzhu a xianzhu.


Real men never blather on about the things they do for women.


“I came here to deliver food for Your Highness.” Jiuzhu handed the food container to Chen Wang, “You work hard to handle the affairs of the Ministry of Rites every day, so you must eat good food.”


The official of the Ministry of Rites who had just came out of the gate of the bureau: “……”


“This is what Ben Wang ought to do.

It cannot be helped if he is tired.” Chen Wang took the food container, “As a prince, Ben Wang should bear more hardships than others, so that he can live up to Father Emperor and the common people.”


The official of the Ministry of Rites who heard all his words clearly: “……”


When a man lies to a woman, he is able to have no sense of shame.


“Although work is important, Your Highness health is even more so.” Jiuzhu looked at Chen Wang with adoration: “Please take care of your health, Your Highness.”


His Highness is truly a good prince who is filial to His Majesty and cares deeply for the nation and the common people!


Gazing at the little girls admiring eyes, Chen Wang coughed dryly: “Dont worry ah, Ben Wang knows that.”


“There is one more thing.” Jiuzhu beamed at Chen Wang: “Your Highness begged His Majesty for the title of xianzhu for chennu, right”


“It is just a trivial matter…”


“Thank you, Your Highness.” As always, she looked at him with twinkling eyes that made him feel as if her mind and heart were filled with unreserved trust in him which almost overflowed: “Your Highness is the best person Jiuzhu has ever met.”


Chen Wang looked away, feeling embarrassed from head to toe.


How many people did this little guniang meet to say that he was the best


“Your Highness, go back and eat quickly.

Or else, the food might get cold and taste bad.” Jiuzhu handed another food container to Chen Wang: “Please give this container to my father, Your Highness.

I will come tomorrow at noon again.”


Holding the two heavy food containers, Chen Wang watched the little guniang stoop down and climb into the carriage.

His brows rose as he asked himself: “Ben Wang is the best”

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1T/N: ThisShengmu‘ here is not like those usual titles bestowed upon the women.

It signifies that this Empress Dowager is the birth mother of the emperor but not the empress of his late father.

If the one ascending the throne was not a legitimate prince (the empress biological child), then there was a possibility (just because one of the two could be dead or for some other reason) of having two empress dowagers: one was the legitimate mother (the wife of the late emperor- the empress) and the other was the birth mother (a concubine).

In that case, the legitimate mother would be called母後皇太後 (mǔhòu huáng tàihòu) and the birth mother would be called聖母皇太後 (shèngmǔ huáng tàihòu).-

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