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“Your Highness.”


“Is Mother Consort not here” Seeing the palace servant’s awkward expression, Qi Wang stopped and looked at him.


“Replying to Your Highness, MingYue Palace sent someone to invite niangniang to copy the scriptures and pray for the well-being of the people of the Empire.”


Qi Wang handed the carved wooden box in his hand to the servant: “Once Mother Consort comes back, deliver this to her.

When Ben Wang went for a stroll down the street, he saw this ring and felt that it matches Mother Consort quite well, so he bought it.”


Copy the scriptures


In the entire Imperial Palace, who did not know that Su Guifei was not fond of poetry, calligraphy, or painting He could reckon that the only people who were made to copy the scriptures were the Imperial concubines, whom she found not pleasing to her eyes, whereas she herself didn’t even touch a drop of the ink.


Every time Su Guifei was in a bad mood, there would always be concubines in the Palace who would become unlucky without exception.


“Your Highness.” His chief attendant reminded in a low voice: “This is the harem.

We cannot stay here for a long time.

You should go to TaiYang Palace to greet His Majesty.” 


Seeing Qi Wang outside the TaiYang Palace, Liu ZhongBao greeted him with a smile: “Greetings, Fourth Highness.”


“I hope you are well, Liu gonggong.” Qi Wang looked into the palace: “I wonder if it is alright to meet Father Emperor at this moment”


“His Majesty informed that if any of the princes come here in this shichen, there is no need for this old slave to pass the message.

Your highness can go in without hesitation.” Liu ZhongBao pushed open the door with a smile. 


Walking through the solemn hallway, Qi Wang heard laughter from the bedchamber.

He stopped to sort out his clothes, and stepped inside, passing over the threshold.


“Erchen pays respects to Father Emperor.”


Qi Wang greeted with such elegance that even the fussy etiquette officer could not point out the slightest mistake.



Come, sit here and talk.” Emperor LongFeng bade the palace servants to bring a stool for Qi Wang: “Your fifth younger brother came just now.

He grumbled that he hadn’t eaten anything and ordered the servants to prepare breakfast for him.”


Qi Wang looked at Chen Wang, who was sitting at the side of the table and eating without raising his head.

He spoke with a smile: “Fifth younger brother has always had a disorganized disposition.

After he gets married, the Wangfei will take care of him.”


“Have you had your breakfast yet” Emperor LongFeng pointed to the empty seat on his right side: “If you haven’t, come and eat with your brother.”


“Thank you for your profound affection, Father Emperor. Erchen has already eaten.”


“I’m a big man.

How can I let a little guniang take care of myself” Chen Wang put down his chopsticks and accepted the service of the TaiYang Palace’s servants very naturally.

From their smooth actions, it seemed as if he was the little master of TaiYang Palace.


Emperor LongFeng smiled without saying a word.

He raised his hand and instructed the servants to remove the dishes: “YanZe, your wedding is near at hand.

If you need to purchase anything else, report it directly to the Department of the Palace and let them prepare it for you.”


“The Ministry of Rites and the Department of the Palace have been very meticulous regarding the wedding.

Today, Erchen entered the Palace to pay his respects to Father Emperor and meet Mother Consort.” Qi Wang glanced at Chen Wang: “Only after entering the Palace did erchen learn that the Guifei niangniang had taken all the Imperial concubine niangniangs of the harem to go to pray for blessings by copying the scriptures.”


“That’s a good thing ah.” Chen Wang leaned back on the chair lazily: “Thanks to the blessings of Heaven, Father Emperor’s diligence in governing and his love for them, the people of Da Cheng can live in peace, work happily and have ample food and clothing.

Even if this action of the niangniangs gets known, it will be praised.”


Qi Wang laughed lightly: “Fifth young brother’s words are reasonable.

Therefore, as a prince, erchen feels that he should also copy the scriptures to pray for the common people along with the niangniangs.”


Chen Wang glanced at Qi Wang from the corner of his eyes.

From childhood till now, this was the first time he witnessed someone offer to copy a book on his own initiative.


What kind of a mentality was this


“This matter of copying books is merely about the sincerity of the heart and soul.

I’m afraid that if we copy the scriptures too many times, the Daoist immortals will not be able to read them all.” Chen Wang blocked Qi Wang’s scheme to drag all the brothers and sisters into the mud: “It’s not as good as donating a sum of money for a righteous purpose.

That can also be considered as doing good deeds and accumulating virtue.

Father Emperor, does erchen’s words make sense”


Emperor LongFeng nodded slightly: “You are about to marry, YanZe.

You don’t need to do such trivial matters as copying the scriptures.”


“Yes.” Qi Wang lowered his eyes, “Erchen didn’t think it through thoroughly.”


Emperor LongFeng initially wanted to say a few things about how husband and wife should support each other after getting married, but seeing Yun YanZe’s respectful manner, he turned his head and looked at Yun DuQing.


“Father Emperor, erchen is also engaged.

Although there is still some time before the wedding, there are still many things to be done.” Chen Wang spoke hurriedly, “I think the Ministry of War is pretty good.

How about you let erchen go there for some days”


He was not willing to copy books.

Which person with a sound mind would like to do such a thing


“The Minister of War is getting old.” As a monarch, Emperor LongFeng still had some compassion for his trusted officials.

He didn’t plan to let his son scourge the old man at least.


“Zhen thinks Ministry of Rites is not bad.” Emperor LongFeng thought for a while: “You can go to the Ministry of Rites some days.” 


The Minister of Rites’ temperament was good; he was quite eloquent, had a big and strong body, and wasn’t angered easily when problems occurred.


More importantly, Ming JingZhou was the Assistant Minister of Rites.


“Father Emperor, erchen feels that this matter can still be discussed again…”


“The gentleman’s one word is worth nine sacred tripods1. Zhen will issue an Imperial order to the Ministry of Rites tomorrow.” Emperor LongFeng waved his hand, his expression as if he had a headache: “You can withdraw.”


“Father Emperor… Father… Dad…”


“Liu ZhongBao, persuade Chen Wang to go out.”


Seeing Chen Wang being “persuaded” to go out by Liu ZhongBao, Qi Wang stood up and bowed: “Father Emperor, erchen also asks to be excused.” 


Among the princes, who else would dare to act so willfully and make a scene in front of Father Emperor apart from Yun DuQing


“Your Highness.” Liu ZhongBao stood at the door with a smile: “Please don’t be angry, Your Highness.

His Majesty arranged for you to go to the Ministry of Rites for your own good.” 


Of course, it was also for the good of the Minister of War.


Although the Ministry of Rites did a variety of tasks, many of them were related to the imperial examinations for the academy.

The reason why His Majesty insisted on this matter was all because he wanted to pave the way for His Highness.


“Fifth younger brother.” Qi Wang walked out of the Palace Hall and walked up to Chen Wang: “Congratulations.”


“What’s there to be congratulating about” Chen Wang raised his eyebrows: “Are you perhaps unhappy in the Ministry of Revenue”


Qi Wang smiled indifferently “It’s rare that the fifth younger brother offered to share Father Emperor’s worries.

This naturally deserves a congratulations.”


“I accept fourth brother’s well wishes.” Chen Wang showed a smile that was yet not a smile: “But verbal regards alone is not enough.

Remember to send congratulatory gifts to my residence later.”


After speaking, he turned around and left with large strides.


Liu ZhongBao watched this scene with a smile.

When Chen Wang left, he clasped his hands and bowed.


MingYue Palace.


Eating the piece of fruit brought to her mouth by a palace maid, Su Guifei picked a copy of the scriptures, and shook her head while clicking her tongue.


“From this perfunctory handwriting, it can be seen that their hearts are not sincere.” She sighed: “They can continue copying tomorrow.”


“Niangniang.” XiangJuan whispered: “His Majesty issued an Imperial order to let His Highness to go to the Ministry of Rites to learn handling things.”


Su Guifei sprang up on the couch, “How old is the Minister of Rites”


“He has just passed the age of forty, and has a good temper.”


“Oh.” Su Guifei lay back lazily: “Then it’s alright.” 


On the other hand, the officials at the Ministry of Rites had a question on their minds that was much more crucial.


There were six ministries of the Imperial court so they would have cared the least if the devil incarnate had gone to any other ministry.

Why did he have to come to them


“The Minister of War is too old to survive getting angry.”


“The Minister of Works is short-tempered and easily gets physical.”


“His Highness Qi Wang works in the Ministry of Revenue.”


“His Highness Huai Wang works in the Ministry of Justice.”


“Isn’t there still the Ministry of Appointments”


“The Minister of Appointments loves to knock against the wall and give death threats whenever he has a disagreement with someone, you know that.”


“Then, once Chen Wang arrives, who will teach him to handle matters”


A silence fell as everyone shut their mouths.


At this time, the sound of footsteps came from outside the door, making the officials turn their heads in unison.

Seeing that the person who appeared was Ming JingZhou, a dazzling light flashed in their eyes.


It’s going to be him!


Ming JingZhou was startled by their gazes.

He took two steps back and asked doubtfully, “Why are the respected coworkers look at me like this”


“Brother Ming, accept the situation and move on.

There is nothing in the world that one cannot overcome.”


“Brother Ming’s bearing is really out of the ordinary.

You look so elegant and graceful today.”


“The glory or decline of our Ministry of Rites is all up to you now.”


Ming JingZhou found the people who quarreled with him a few days ago because of a conflict in their political views were also smiling at him brazenly with their old faces looking especially sincere and amicable.


There were two Assistant Ministers in the Ministry of Rites.

Besides Ming JingZhou, the other was an official called Zhou Rui.

Seeing his coworker’s confusion, Zhou Rui let out an uncontrollable smile and patted his shoulder: “Just now, an Imperial order arrived from the Palace saying that His Highness Chen Wang will be arriving at our Ministry of Rites.”


Ming JingZhou: “……”


Not counting his daughter’s betrothal to Chen Wang, he was still asked to teach this son-in-law in advance, what kind of a mortal suffering was this


Does His Majesty’s conscience really not hurt even the tiniest bit


“This is the Ministry of Rites” JiuZhu stepped out of the carriage holding the food container and looked up at the plaque hanging over the door, exclaiming in endless admiration: “Such a beautiful writing!”


ChunFen walked to the guard standing at the door of the Ministry of Rites: “Sir, we are from Assistant Minister Ming’s family.

We came here to deliver him the food container.

Please inform him on our behalf.”


“Please wait a moment, guniang.” It was quite common for female family members to come to deliver the food containers, so when the guard made a gesture, someone went inside to pass the message.


It was JiuZhu’s first time at the Ministry of Rites.

Standing there, she had the feeling that even the pair of guardian lions at the side of the doors were particularly majestic.


Her father was incredible to be able to work here.


The sound of horses’ hooves was heard.

The moment JiuZhu turned her head, her eyes bent in a smile: “Your Highness.”


“Why are you here” Chen Wang jumped off the horse and saw the container in JiuZhu’s arms: “Delivering food to Assistant Minister Ming”


“I had nothing to do so when I heard my mother arranging for someone to deliver the meal, I followed along.” JiuZhu looked at Chen Wang in confusion: “Why did Your Highness come here”


“Ben Wang naturally has something to do here.” Chen Wang raised his chin slightly: “Ben Wang also works at the Ministry of Rites and is different from you, this little guniang who has nothing to do all day.


“Your Highness is amazing.” JiuZhu looked at Chen Wang with twinkling eyes that seemed to contain stars.


Chen Wang, who had originally planned to come to the Ministry of Rites to have a look and leave, looked at her bright eyes and smiled lightly: “It’s nothing big.”


“Does Your Highness know who wrote this plaque The characters are so beautiful.”


Chen Wang looked up at the plaque and pondered for a moment: “These characters were written by an important official named Wang JiaXu who accompanied the ancestor to conquer the world and customized the laws and decrees.

All throughout his life, he was honest, upright and plainspoken.

After his death, countless people wore mourning garb out of their accord and guarded his tomb, calling him a ‘just and incorruptible official’ who was worthy of respect.”


“Your Highness really knows a lot.” JiuZhu was deeply moved: “To be loved and admired by so many people, he must have been a good official.”



It is a blessing for the dynasty to have such a capable official.

It is also the luck of the common people…”


“This humble official greets His Highness.” Ming JingZhou walked up to Chen Wang and bowed: “Didn’t know that His Highness had arrived so this humble official did not come out to meet you.

Please forgive me, Your Highness.”


Chen Wang helped Ming JingZhou up, and did a kind of semi-bow meant for the younger generation: “We work together in the Ministry of Rites, so you really need not be so polite.”


Work together


He didn’t even set a foot inside, so how could it be summed up as working together


“Father.” JiuZhu handed the food container to Ming JingZhou, and happily curtsied towards Chen Wang: “I didn’t expect His Highness and Father to be coworkers.

Please take care of my Father in the days to come, Your Highness.”


“It’s not a problem, not a problem.” Chen Wang smiled: “Lord Ming is of great erudition and scholarship, and has a great talent.

There are still many areas that this junior would like to ask for your advice in the future.”


Feeling that His Highness Chen Wang was right, she turned to look at Ming JingZhou earnestly: “His Highness is still quite young so it’s normal to have things he doesn’t understand.

Father should teach His Highness more oh.”


Ming JingZhou looked at Chen Wang, who smiled kindly at him and greeted him as a junior, and hugged the food box in his arms tightly.


Your Highness Chen Wang, something seems to be wrong with you!1

One word is worth nine sacred tripods [一言九鼎] – It basically means that a gentleman’s words are of enormous importance.


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